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Daang matuwid

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Ronald Roy — Nov. 11, 2015

In one of his paid-ad statements, LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas explains daang matuwid (righteous path) as a principle of equal opportunities and industry, of a level playing field for all Filipinos, political allies or foes, rich or poor, strong or weak, and that it is this democratic attribute that shall be the foundation of his presidency should he win in next year’s general elections. Well, Roxas knows not whereof he speaks, because a majority of our countrymen are getting poorer and a handful of the rich are getting richer.
Or perhaps he knows whereof he speaks, in which case he extols the slogan just to please Its author, P-Noy, who anointed him as his party’s presidential bet on condition that he use the slogan as the centerpiece of his campaign for the presidency; alas, that “sacred” mantra devised by Cory’s son to crown himself with as the greatest ever Filipino president!!

Sanctimonious propaganda
“Sacred”, yes, and why not?! Daang matuwid implies that those who take the righteous path are God-fearing, just, impartial, honest, moral (meaning: plunder-free, scandal-free, discrimination-free) and committed to help others, very especially the poor. It also implies an exclusive characteristic of LP and Coalition members; and why not?! Haven’t the Yellows been repeatedly saying in so many ways that if you’re not with them, you will be deemed to be outside the path, and will therefore not be recognized as God’s children?
In basic Christian theology, the mantra is a good reminder to be in the Lord’s graces, but it’s the way it’s being used by the Yellows that makes them distinctly sanctimonious, particularly in respect of their much propagandized so-called love for the poor. This sanctimony was pompously celebrated on the second anniversary of the most destructive storm-surge in history, Supertyphoon Yolanda (Tacloban, Leyte, Nov. 8, 2013).
Only yellow officials have the facts and figures in foreign aids (cash and merchandize) that can truthfully narrate the rehabilitation story of Tacloban’s devastated areas. The exact number of dead victims, close to seven thousand, remains unknown — BTW, P-Noy heartlessly sacked a government man for estimating that the dead might reach 10,000 — reminiscent of the time he had once impulsively sacked a weatherman for having miscalculated certain details about a coming storm — and a vast majority of the ravaged families still remain homeless!!

“Where is the promised help?!” is the families’ cry for justice still sweeping over the devastated city known as “Romualdez country” — a cry that may never be stilled to their satisfaction; for, unfazed by its critics, the Palace has charged back with the specious argument that it’s okay if thousands of Yolanda victims still suffer from the snail-paced rehabilitation, because America’s rehab after being hit by Hurricane Katrina was very much slower!
Heheheh…doesn’t this “ill-logic” analogously equate with the reasoning that a mediocre Filipino chess grandmaster who beats another grandmaster in 40 moves, is a stronger player than the world’s chess champion who beats the same protagonist in 56 moves….or a small bird is stronger than an eagle because it flies higher and faster than an eagle??

In any event, Mar Roxas remains too proud to admit that when he was still DILG Secretary two years ago, he refused to assist Taclobanons because their mayor, Alfredo Romualdez, being an Imelda R. Marcos nephew, wasn’t P-Noy’s political ally, and that unless he wrote the president a formal request for help, he’d be on his own rebuilding the city! Hmmm…but isn’t vindictiveness repugnant to their inviolable principle of daang matuwid?!
In contrast, the belittled mayor is a picture of humility as he effusively thanks the national leadership, the arrogant Noynoy in particular, for all the assistance they have extended to Taclobanons.
Mayor Alfredo Romualdez still reaches out for reconciliation despite being denigrated by Aquino and Roxas!! And Roxas’ words must still be ringing in his ears: “Write us a formal request for help if you need our assistance! Remember, you are a (mere) Romualdez (meaning: a Marcos) and the President is an Aquino!!!”

Other matters
— In order to deceive the 21 APEC state heads into believing that P-Noy has worked an economic miracle in the country, he ordered all shanties and street dwellers relocated from their sight.
— Mr. President, you’d better slow down on the kin and admirers of the late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos; you have wrongfully condemned Bong Bong Marcos for being the strongman’s son. It should shame you each time you remember that numerous people were indiscriminately liquidated under circumstances related to your father’s covetous designs to be president.
I know whereof I speak. Your father was a casual friend who had once offered me gunmen from Cavite whom I could use to “annihilate” the forces of Danding Cojuangco. He also ordered a Red squad to ambush my brother’s father-in-law. He survived, but his driver wasn’t as lucky.

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