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RRoy’siPad Curtains
Ronald Roy — Nov. 5, 2015

What would be the word to best describe those people behind the we-won’t-arrest-you-for-a-fee tanim-bala (TB) extortion racket? Brazen? Clever? Autistic? Nobody really knows, not yet anyway, not until a culprit or two are caught red-handed and made to name their associates and leaders. Until then, let’s stop calling the phenomenon the Devil’s work or karma, because it’s a simple case of kabobohan (incompetence) among those running the Ninoy Aquino International Airport — an agency well within Pres. Aquino’s ambit of authority and responsibility.
No, it’s unlikely that behind these “mysterious” occurrences is an insidious plot out to embarrass the administration, the LP and, in particular, its presidential candidate Mar Roxas. What, discredit an administration clearly on its way out??? So, after reportedly over ninety tanim-bala victims over the past two years and investigations ending in failure, what else could it be but incompetence?

Yes, it’s the same supervisory, investigatory and, in general, administrative incompetence that caused the tragic Luneta carnage five years ago, the ill-fated Mamasapano misadventure over a year ago, the scandalous pork-barrel scams, and the crafting of the treasonous Bangsamoro Basic Law, to name but a few.
Now we know why people believe that the Liberal Party’s electoral endorsement of P-Noy’s daang matuwid mantra as it’s platform of government is, in effect, a commitment to bring to the next presidency the same of P-Noy’s unattained vision, mission and advocacies, along with his same sub-standard record of executive performance. We now know why LP presidential standard bearer Mar Roxas has been looking very worried these days.

NAIA, graft-infested
It’s no irony that the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the venue of the tanim-bala episodes, is seen as the very “smoking gun” of how it was incompetently (and dishonestly) designed and constructed — if one must remember its malfunctioning air-conditioning system, caving-in floors, peeling-off ceilings and cracking walls.
Today, we cringe at the thought that when the NAIA was newly built, we proudly called it world-class…the same way P-Noy had described “the new international airport, named after (his) martyred father, as nothing less than what (was) required to keep pace with the modern world in the promotion of international amity and commerce…blah blah blah…our new gateway for new friends and investors, whom we warmly welcome to witness and share with us an unfolding economic miracle…blah blah blah!!”
World-class construction over the surface, yes, but rotten underneath, as rotten as the recipients of those kickbacks that were syphoned off from public coffers! And this rottenness, the life-blood of the Aquino government’s daang matuwid, will continue to surge per force of the Yellows’ intention to triumph in the 2016 elections.

International embarrassment
To this day, these TB episodes continue to our utter vexation. Nothing can be more cruel than the hand-cuffing of a 65-year-old lady OFW being prevented from leaving for Singapore when a bullet was found by an inspector in her bag, nor more embarrassing than holding for questioning an inbound ordained American priest whom they arrested for possession of a bullet.
And now we all recoil in our seats as no less than the United Nations, expressing concern over the worsening TB situation in our country, released an advisory for all Philippines-bound passengers to wrap with plastic sheets all their bags and suitcases in order to avoid being mulcted by NAIA personnel. Array..nakakahiya!!! The bottom-line issue is: Filipinos are not safe anymore in their own country.

A fishy scheme
Let’s note the popular observation that: one bullet…yes, just one bullet…can send its possessor away for a long time in jail. It is then obvious that curative legislation is what’s needed to be done. Another observation is: there must be something fishy about TB cases increasing in number despite incessant reminders to the public that passengers violating anti-contraband laws shall be dealt with accordingly.
Well, I do smell a fishy scheme to calm the public outrage over reported extortion activities at the NAIA, by making it appear that in the majority of TB cases, the passengers used a bullet only as an amulet, and nothing else. The trouble is a sociologist friend of mine has refused to attest that a bullet isn’t widely regarded as a lucky charm in our culture. Not only that…the National Bureau of Investigation has finally confirmed the existence of a TB syndicate that has long been preying on OFWs and the elderly!
Let us not be surprised if the TB situation persists desperately and irrationally. It isn’t worth the trouble trying to figure out incompetent Yellows who sense that pretty soon it’s gonna be curtains for them.

Joke only
— P-Noy: Mga kababayan, let us applaud a new milestone in agriculture! Puwede na magtanim ng bala!

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