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Delusions of grandeur

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RRoy’siPadDelusions of grandeur
Ronald Roy — Oct. 22, 2015

The mood was generally festive throughout the period for the filing of certificates of candidacy (COC). Candidates for the Presidency, the Vice Presidency, the Congress and the Local Government Units, came to Plaza del Gobernador in Intramuros, Manila, along with their respective rooters wearing team colors, flashing hand signs and waving printed slogans.
The period for filing COCs allowed the citizens to reflect on the discomforts of the past and resolve to better their lives by choosing the right leaders. Of course, that’s romanticizing things a bit too much because: we know, and the candidates know that we know, that most of them aspire not only to serve but also to steal our money. For example, a candidate for congressman spends P 70 million for a three-year term. What else can that mean?!
Anyway, it was particularly a “fun day” for P-Noy who reportedly upstaged presidential candidate Mar Roxas, vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo, and other bigwigs of the Liberal Party and the Coalition of which he is the titular head.

Of fans and wars
As Pres. Noynoy Aquino made his way through the crowds with his yellow entourage, he savored each moment his ardent fans mobbed him for selfies. When asked what he felt about their adulation, P-Noy said he found it “exciting”…and rightly so, Sir! We wish you more thrills posing for pictures with your fans throughout the campaign. Good for you!
However, beware of delusions, Sir! These fans who mob you can make you feel like you’re King Arthur. Don’t you know that they would naturally regard a selfie with even a dictator as a priceless relic if only for its historic value? BTW, don’t you know that a diehard yellow is still keeping a solid-gold Dunhill pen with the name Joseph Stalin engraved over it?
Speaking of delusions, you once went to a Chinese restaurant in Luneta for a front seat to enjoy a hostage drama until it ended in tragedy. You flew to Zamboanga City to direct operations when Misuari’s renegades placed it under siege. You likewise flew to Zamboanga to monitor the ill-fated Mamasapano misadventure. Sir, between the two delusions of “feeling like you’re King Arthur of Camelot” and “winning wars like Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur”, we wonder which you find more enjoyable.

Nuisance candidates
Anyway, if it’s any consolation, numerous COC filers showed they too have their share of delusions. A hundred and thirty of them are running for president (must be a world record) with an assortment of cuckoo reasons (must be another world record)! Hey, do we have an epidemic of dementia??
I’m not an expert on dementia, and it’s sad that nuisance candidates are generally viewed as its victims. [Dementia is a mental disorder marked by memory aberrations, personality changes and impaired reasoning.] Those with dementia have a certain look and behavior that suggest they are not of our world. They are like pathetic lepers in desperate need of everybody’s generosity.
We shouldn’t make fun of nuisance candidates. Instead, let’s be concerned with the mental fitness of all candidates; after all, any normal-looking person can still be a psychopath. We should also examine the question of whether what appears to be an epidemic of dementia is a result of the way the Aquino administration has managed the affairs of the State.
Certainly, we cannot ignore a situation of nuisance candidates being so gripped with angst, that many of them have stepped forward as messiahs to deliver us from our socio-eco-political tribulations. Under P-Noy’s watch, they have sprung out of everywhere; it is therefore his responsibility to give them hope by doing away with the deceptive daang matuwid.

Replies to readers
— #1212, it’s improbable that Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is being delusional by running for president. The iron-willed lady-lawyer is blessed with the intelligence, the labor of love, and the courage required by the office she seeks. But her claim of “complete remission from stage-4 cancer” is a cause for grave concern because the stresses of the presidency will surely kill her. Don’t run, Miriam!
— Elmer, if a cat can see itself in a mirror as a lion, so also can Manny Pacquiao, already at the pinnacle of fame and fortune, curiously see himself in his mind as a great singer, a flashy TV emcee, and an eloquent debater on the floor of the senate. Stop making a clown of yourself, Manny! We prefer to honor you as a philanthropist.

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