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Ronald Roy — Oct. 15, 2015

Some of the human rights listed down under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (October 10, 1948, United Nations) are: no unfair detainment, right to trial, equality before the law, no discrimination, born free and equal, right to life, no slavery, no torture, possession of rights wherever one goes, right to privacy, freedom to move, right to a nationality, right to seek a safe place to live, innocent until proven guilty, and all human rights are protected by law.
The UN High Commission on Human Rights Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) recently assailed as arbitrary, (“cruel”, if I may add), politically motivated and violative of international law, the continued detention of a critically ailing former Filipino president, now Rep. Gloria M. Arroyo, when it merely recommended a reconsideration of the Sandiganbayan’s denial of her bail petition.
Note that the WGAD, by merely recommending a reconsideration of the bail ruling, correctly recognized that it could not impose its will on the Sandiganbayan’s actions, pursuant to a hallowed principle of the UN that it cannot assert itself over and above the municipal (internal) laws of any nation, whether a UN member or not.
Essentially, human rights are universally held as deserving of respect and protection, particularly from repressive regimes. Reference is therefore made to Burma, e.g., and other similar dictatorships that endure however repugnant they may be to cherished human rights. Significantly, barring US-led armed incursions, universal human rights violations will always have their way since the UN is shackled by its own policy of nonviolence, its lean recourse being left to such benign alternatives as arbitration, boycott and isolation.
We shouldn’t nonchalantly dismiss WGAD’s recommendation as toothless, because it stresses that our present dispensation has overstepped some globally recognized human rights. Indeed, while our laws do not define our political system as a dictatorship, the acts of our current president define it as such. Noynoy Aquino should therefore accept the WGAD’s message that he merits a kick on the butt.
By way of reiteration and lest we forget, we do have a de facto dictatorship. To our undeserved tragedy, Pres. Benigno Aquino lll controls the Legislative Department — and that’s why he cannot be impeached — through the unconstitutional operations of both the supposedly defunct Priority Development Assistance Fund and the Disbursement Acceleration Program, albeit: kickbacks are believed to be still flowing through the magic of lump-sum appropriations after the concept of “savings” in the budget was redefined.
Additionally, we should not condone P-Noy’s relentless attempts to muzzle the Supreme Court — as confirmed no less by SC Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno — in a brazen design to upset the tripartite system’s balance of power. What better proof is there that our ailing democracy is comatose?
Our Commission on Human Rights was created as a knee-jerk reaction to Martial Law. To conform to the deteriorating peace and order conditions, the human rights charter, along with other related acts of legislation, must be revisited with an eye for instituting stiffer sanctions for crimes committed, for instance, by minors and rebels. We are often left wondering if their kid-glove treatment is the surest way to shield society from their deadly harm.

Replies to readers
— No, texter with cp # ending 3427, I don’t believe that Makati City Mayor Jun Jun Binay can be lawfully stopped from running for re-election by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, who just recently “sacked” him along with a penalty of “perpetual disqualification from holding public office”. Under the Rule of Law, Mayor Binay can be barred from doing so only after he has been duly tried and convicted by final judgement. “Persecutorial” Yellows, by disagreeing, show that they’re grooved along dictatorial biases, and that their daan is not all that matuwid.
— I fully agree, Javvy (So), that the latest Pulse Asia survey showing Rep. Leni Robredo as the fourth strongest candidate for vice president, proves, as previously predicted by both of us, that the Liberal Party’s “righteous path” is an illusionary mantra that has tricked a decent public servant into joining an administration on its way out. Pobresita.
— Connie (Bustos), you’re right. We may see a tight race for vice president between Bong Bong Marcos and Chiz Escudero. Presidential contender Grace Poe, Chiz and Bong Bong may agree among themselves that, if Grace wins, whoever loses between the two gentlemen will get her blessings for the senate presidency.

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