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RRoy’siPadBuilding the bridges
Ronald Roy — Oct. 8, 2015

As commonly understood by the uninitiated of whom I am one, a political analyst is one who, like a sociologist, makes an unbiased and detailed examination of an event, with an eye for its relevance to and impact on the eco-socio-political lives of people. Political analysis is the stuff of political scientists who went to school to study political science, then proceeded to practice it in any way that fosters healthy interaction among people on the one hand, and between them and their government on the other. All others are pseudo political analysts or pretenders.
The noted columnist, Amando Donorila, whom not a few fancy as among the best political analysts in the country, uncharacteristically behaved like a pretender when he publicly rebuked a presidential contender, Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares. Rambling throughout his column, he chided, belittled and degraded — from head to foot, as it were — Poe and her late father, action cinema star Ronnie Poe.

Impassioned vilification
Doronila betrayed himself as a journalist by shunning Truth as the pillar of his calling, in the process irresponsibly trifling with the sovereign exercise of self-determination in both the citizenry’s untrammeled right to choose the next president, and a lady’s responding right to offer herself as a candidate for president. I’ll wager my last buck that Doronila will not stop bashing Grace and her late father. It isn’t at all farfetched that he and the Yellows are insidiously waging a systematic campaign of vilification.
Verily, Doronila’s sneaky, unprovoked and impassioned attack at Poe’s person portrayed himself as an adherent to the norms of yellow journalism. In other words, to the dismay of his countless fans, Doronila has exposed himself, unwittingly perhaps, not as an authentic political analyst, but as an electoral muckraker or mudslinger — this early at that, way before the campaign period has started! And he’s not even a candidate!

The title of Doronila’s column (02/10/15, PDI) is “Grace Poe’s messianic pretensions”. [Ouch!] Here are some barbs warranting occasional reactions in brackets.
The junior senator audaciously bids for the presidency. [If Doronila reads up on the constitutional qualifications for president, he’ll learn that even an unschooled bootblack can be president.]
Poe speaks homilies and nonsense xx from a limited education xx. [Grace is a Boston College degree holder in BA in Political Science], and says she would wish to pursue the dreams of her father who pined for helping the poor and fighting oppression; but this obviously refers to the synthetic yearnings of the characters her father played on the screen. [I wonder if there was anything in Doronila’s childhood that can explain such meanness. Kulang na lang na sabihin niya na hampas lupa ang mga mag-ama.]
[In 1957, I met through a former Ateneo de Manila high school classmate, Cirio Santiago, a Premier Productions stuntman named Ronnie Poe, and henceforth would never meet anyone as reticent, unassuming, generous and lionhearted as him. We called each other tukayo. I will never forget his numerous acts of generosity that benefitted his co-workers. This gentleman who started Mowel Fund often quickly gave without expecting anything in return. I am advising Doronila to look up “Ronnie Poe” to discover that he might have become the best president we never had.]
Grace is a delusional, self-proclaimed heaven-sent messiah. [Ha?! We see nothing but a low-key and humble person who is frequently buried under the extravagant hoopla-generated celebrations of the yellow camp, the most recent of which being the occasion featuring the acceptance by Rep. Leni Robredo of Roxas’ offer to be his running mate.]
Grace Poe has the temerity to claim a right to be president on the basis of pedigree xx [What an egregious spin! What Grace is claiming is a right and duty to aspire for the presidency so she can help her country!]
The surveys have gone to Poe’s head, distorting her outlook and making her believe her election as president is inevitable. [Doronila speaks without basis. He needs that kind of professional help that will enable him to distinguish between black and white; between fact and fiction.]

An ethic among journalists, columnists, broadcasters and other media practitioners is: not criticizing one another’s ideas, however disagreeable they may be. However, I’m here obliged to cross the line in defense of my personal knowledge of the truth about the goodness of Grace and her late father. And if by crossing the line I have wounded the feelings of Mr. Doronila and other people, to them I extend my deepest apologies.
Indeed, the freedom of expression is limited by the power of Truth that not only sets us free, but also builds the bridges we so badly need in these troubled media-driven times.

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