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Highest mountain

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RRoy’siPadHighest mountain
Ronald Roy — Oct. 1, 2016

Punishment is any suffering, pain or loss that serves as retribution. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) I can have a fuller appreciation of the term if it is taken as a deterrent to crime for the protection of society, and convicted felons of capital crimes are accordingly meted out the death penalty. This popular belief finds anchor and nourishment in the biblical pronouncement that “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by a man shall his blood be shed.” (Genesis, IX, 6)
Jehovah commands “Thou shall not kill”, hence, the Church outright condemns the death penalty. Curiously, however, the Church justifies killing in defense of oneself and of others. So then, why does the Church refuse to justify the death penalty in “defense of society”?? Shouldn’t it do so with greater reason??
Anyway, I cannot proceed without citing the widespread view that the death penalty was removed from our laws by politicians for no other reason than to ensure their own exemption from the lethal injection. I therefore feel foolish to be hoping for the penalty’s restoration — given the inexorable deterioration of peace and order conditions over the past forty years, particularly in reference to the crimes of graft and plunder committed by those in public office, along with their cohorts from the private sector.

Who gets the injection?
My view is that those who steal from the public coffers are most deserving of the death penalty. However, I think that, in certain cases, other capital offenders like murderers and rapists should be meted out only the penalty of life imprisonment, especially where there is no showing that the convicted felon is not beyond redemption or reform.
I often think of the vicious cycle of the guilty among us willfully wallowing in self-created punishment to expiate for the wrongs they often inflict on democracy. We are very good at lip service, but very bad by doing the very opposite. The tax cheats among us vociferously cry foul at the tax collectors, and enterprising voters sell their ballots to the highest bidders. Many of us close our doors to starving beggars shivering in a rainy night, then snore soundly in the comfort of our wealth safely hidden under our beds.
Verily, “we are what we eat”, the same way that “democracy is what we are”; so then, we have no one but ourselves to blame for the comatose condition of our democracy. Our leaders have failed us, but isn’t that because we have likewise failed them? They have turned masters from servants; but then, don’t we usually shrug off their betrayals? When shall we bare our fangs with revolutionary fervor?!
Do we now accept that “Democracy is a (system of governance) of the leaders, for the leaders, and by the leaders”? (My apologies to Abraham Lincoln) If we do, why go through the general elections scheduled for next year? We gotta be the sorriest bunch of dopes in these south-eastern parts! But wait, maybe we can elect a reasonably good set of public servants if we identify democracy’s enemies! Having done that, we can then climb the highest mountain.

Democracy’s enemies
Let’s first admit that our democracy’s enemies are principally ourselves. Then, let the loves of God and ourselves be unsheathed as our mighty weapons against the bull-headed foes in our midst.
— Surveys must be outlawed. SWS and Pulse Asia, which are often contradictory to each other, only sow confusion. They are trending/mind-setting manipulators.
— War lords and gambling lords are now making their moves to purchase and coerce the electorate.
— At the same time, voters are scouting around for the highest bidders, while some candidates are now raising funds to buy their votes. The electorate is now a seller’s market in the making!
— Roxas, a running-second presidential bet, is widely seen as using government funds to boost his campaign — a sneaky U-turn from his daang matuwid advocacy.
— The Bangsamoro Basic Law, a legitimate election issue, is not being offered for public debate by President Aquino, its chief advocate.
— SC Associate Justice Carpio, Chair of the Senate Electoral Tribunal, seriously breached Judicial Ethics, an impeachable offense, when he prematurely ventilated his anti-Poe sentiments in a way that, in effect, favored Roxas, of whom he was once a retained lawyer.

Crystal ball
Whoever wins, we will not reach the peak of the mountain — without prayers. The next administration will in fact encounter escalating problems.

Joke only
— Duterte: “The bala scam produced three culprits. The government should posthaste tell them tatlong bala lang kayo!”

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