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Road rage

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RRoy’siPadRoad rage
Ronald Roy — Sept. 09, 2016

All about road rage was the box-office hit “Falling Down”, a movie that forewarned Metro Manila (MM) residents about what could happen to them if they didn’t clear their streets of traffic congestions.
That was years ago, when business-executive Michael Douglas drove out of his garage for work with frazzled nerves over a debilitated marriage — only to see his agitation spinning him out of control through the morning humidity and a maze of snail-paced traffic flows, and ultimately resulting in injuries and death to others and himself.

Economic strangulation
Road conditions in the metropolis are now worse, making it easy to forgive Sec. Joseph Abaya who said in exasperation, “Why complain? Nobody dies from traffic jams.” This tongue-in-cheek remark was what he needed to deflect criticism; the tact didn’t work, but in fairness, he and, incidentally, MMDA Sec. Francis Tolentino, should not be singled out for a problem that started many years ago.
If traffic conundrums were an economic ailment, and their severity could be measured from stage 1 to stage 10, each stage representing one year, our economy would be a total wreck by the year 2020. Today’s traffic jams are slowly but surely strangling the economy, no thanks to previous and current myopic policy makers, to greed that syphons as much as 50% of construction and repair costs into private pockets, to those who ignore family planning strictures, and to motorists who behave as if they owned the streets — among other causes.

Federal system
Anyway, methinks the principal culprit of road congestions and accidents in MM is the eternally increasing number of vehicles — 30% of all registered vehicles in the country pass through Edsa Ave. everyday — caused by an eternally increasing number of people being born every minute, not to mention that misguided people come from everywhere to the glitter and promise of MM, when they would be better off harnessing their potentials and utilizing their resources back home.
Federalism comes to mind here. In Federalism, local government units will enjoy broadened autonomy as they’ll be less dependent on the Palace and MM, the symbols of “a better tomorrow”. The central government shall give them the financial and other tools they need to stimulate growth within their respective areas at a well-programed pace never before seen. With professional, business and other activities booming outside MM, there is no reason why MM, Edsa Ave. in particular, won’t be relieved of vehicular congestions.
Like most everybody else, I went choleric last Aug. 30 when my drive to Makati was delayed by close to two hours at the corner of Edsa and Ortigas Ave. The mammoth Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) protest rally had a field day lambasting government, Justice Sec. Leila de Lima especially, for “interfering in the internal affairs of the INC with utter disregard to the principle of Separation of State and Church” — a legal and biblical doctrine the INC incorrectly invoked.
The quoted statement of INC is such a gross distortion of the facts, the laws of the land, and Christian theology, as amounts to outright defiance. This I say with trepidation that my family and I may be harmed. The INC is an immutable political force, coercive, and so vote-rich it has proven itself down the years to have delivered the decisive votes that determine the winners of electoral fortunes, nay, the future of our country.

Republic of the INC ?
Okay, the show of force was “peacefully” ended after a dialog between the INC and the Palace…and I’m glad De Lima didn’t resign (as earlier demanded by the INC) but instead proceeded to process the damning complaint filed by Isaias Samson, a ranking INC Minister, for Illegal Detention.
I am aghast that INC lawyers quickly developed legal amnesia when their counsel was needed most at the height of the protest rally, and that government functionaries were ordered not only to courteously give the rowdy protesters the space they needed to let off steam at the expense of public order and hygiene, but also to look the other way with maximum compassion — a concession never given to other protest movements.
I’m appalled that administration Yellows and some opposition wannabes have bartered away their commitments to Christian good sense and to the Law for self-promoting political objectives. Are we certain that the Iglesia ni Cristo is not a republic? Hmmm…

Crystal ball
— Complainant INC Minister Isaias Samson will prove his case convincingly.
— The INC’s muscle will weaken as an interloping political organization.
— De Lima will loom as Mar’s running mate.
— Ombudsman Morales will dismiss for “lack of probable cause” all DAP-related plunder charges against P-Noy and Abad, with the effect of clearing them forever.
— The campaign of a presidential aspirant will initially flounder, but will eventually pave the road to the Palace.

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