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RRoy’siPadTruth power
Ronald Roy — Sept. 3, 2015

Whenever the truth hurts, the Yellows either distort or totally oppose it, thinking it is destructible. But Truth is indestructible, as indestructible as the Savior who intoned, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. Truth is impervious to all the combined forces of the universe; the stars may fall, but Truth…never.
However, when the truth posts a star on the Yellows’ performance report card — which is once in a big, big while — you will never hear the end of it. Sure, wang wang was a big hit, but where is it now? Kayo ang boss ko , but have we ever been, really? Daang matuwid, but hasn’t that been lip service all along? Haven’t all these illusions been farthest from the truth?

Mabini ressurected
Should we even be surprised that Budget and Mismanagement Sec. Florencio Abad — chief architect of both the unconstitutional Priority Development Allocation Fund (PDAF) and Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) — was recently hailed by Pres. Aquino as the modern-day persona of the patriot, Apolinario Mabini? But before proceeding, let’s return to the past.
The two so-called pump-priming schemes were struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional (culpable violations of the Constitution, in effect, because legislative records show budget matters were within the expertise of both P-Noy and Abad). They knew that PDAF and DAP transactions would access legislators, cabinet members and private individuals to irresistible kickbacks, so they utilized these schemes to enable P-Noy to place grateful recipients under his influence and control, and by so doing they upset the balance of power in our tripartite system — which is a high crime like treason!!

Nazi tactic revived
Abad and P-Noy know they have so gravely undermined our democratic system as a result of their PDAF and DAP roles, that they now see it fit to create a public mindset that they are not criminally accountable in any way. And in order to do that, they’re now trying to destroy the truth of their culpability by employing Goebbels’ method of “creating a truth from an oft-repeated lie”.
Parenthetically, Joseph Goebbels, German Nazi leader and politician, was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda. He advanced the belief that a lie could become a truth if repeated as many times as are needed to brainwash the people. Without meaning to be ominous, the prevaricating Goebbels committed suicide instead of surrendering to the allies.
P-Noy and Abad, especially the latter who is a lawyer, knew all along they were committing plunder, a non-bailable crime that carries the penalty of reclusion perpetua. That’s why they’re now on Goebbels’ mode creating the fantasy that heaven is on their side…thereby making themselves feel untouchable. Isn’t it enough that they’ve already made the late Jesse Robredo a national hero, the late Butz Aquino akin to the biblical Moses and Joshua, and now the still-alive Abad an image of Mabini??
Must Benigno S. Aquino lll, for heaven’s sake, call Abad a patriot?? Isn’t it more like this guy is an anti-hero, being the “brains” behind plunderous pork barrel operations, unlike Mabini whom historians honor as the patriotic “brains” of the revolution over a century ago?
What are these Yellows trying to do, tarnish the image of a revered national hero??? Don’t you see that right now the Yellows are queuing up for their turn to stand on their pedestals? Then, of course, P-Noy will be likened to Jesus Christ??? Maracas de Caracas!

Crystal ball
Sec. Mar Roxas, if you wish to stand a chance of winning the presidency, remote as it remains, heed the feng shui advice to dissociate yourself from P-Noy, his slogans, and the color yellow…not later than this coming September 11.
The Motion for Reconsideration of the SC ruling granting bail to Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile will be denied.
The Bangsamoro Basic Law will not reach 2nd base anymore. With the losing stand of the BBL’s main advocate, Associate Justice Marvin Leonen, on the issue of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile’s recent provisional release from detention, the likelihood that the Liberal Party will fare badly in the 2016 elections, and the fiercely anti-BBL Christian communities in Mindanao throwing their support behind Rod Duterte (whether he runs for President or not) — the BBL is gasping in the throes of extinction.
As a result, war will break out anew in Mindanao, making peace more unattainable than ever.
Finally, karma will hit P-Noy for having given false hopes to the MILF leaders, and for his PDAF, DAP, Mamasapano and other felonious indiscretions. Abangan.

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