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Ronald Roy — Aug. 26, 2015

We bury the dead sometimes not with love or fond memories, but always we must inter them with respect and the thought that they were not all that bad. Although some were deplorable, we eulogize them in light of their positives, and bid them adieu with the wish they had made their peace with their Maker before their final breath. Thereafter, they are either remembered or forgotten.
For martyrs and heroes, monuments, busts and statues are erected, and after them institutions, avenues, cities and whatnots are named. These things are done for no other purpose than to enrich our nationhood with those values that made them great Filipinos. It is however difficult to explain that, ever since the passing of Rizal, Bonifacio, Silang, Aguinaldo and others, our nation has taken a generally downward path.

Insincere encomiums
But perhaps it is no mystery at all, if we ponder over the wayward ways of our self-seeking politicians. Over three years ago, Department of Interior and Local Government Units (DILG) Sec. Jesse Robredo did not survive the light-plane crash that shocked the nation. Widespread grief was orchestrated by P-Noy to reign for such a long time that we wondered, as we still do today, what it was about Robredo, a well-loved and outstanding former Naga City Mayor, that merited the posthumous accolade accorded only to national heroes.
Might it have been yellow hoopla designed for political effect? Up till his demise, is it not true that Robredo had been treated as a “nobody” by the Palace which routinely ignored him as a member of the cabinet? But now, he has become such a national hero that the Yellows are seriously grooming his widow, Rep. Leni Robredo, to be the running mate of LP presidential standard bearer Mar Roxas. The decent lady has however turned down the offer, knowing her husband’s memory was merely being used.

Republic of the Aquinos
Another case in point is former Congressman Butz Aquino who died recently after a lingering illness. Butz was a friend of mine, a “regular guy” who was likable. He left behind two things: a so-so congressional record, and a reason why he may be forgotten — his booboo in having invited back the renegade MNLF chief, Nur Misuari, who was then long wanted for rebellion. Well, Misuasi did return to the country and was amnestied, but only to make more trouble, gyp the Ramos government of 2 billion bucks, burn down Zamboanga City, kill more people, and again be on the run for rebellion.
And now, in memoriam, Butz is being likened to Moses (who led the Israelites’ escape from the pagan Egyptians) and to Joshua (who broke down the walls of Jericho so the Israelites could get to the promised land). OMG, if we do not watch it, eventually the Philippines will be renamed Republic of the Aquinos, and taking place everywhere will be Yellow Ribbon Cutting ceremonies to inaugurate Noynoy Aquino City, Kris Aquino Metro Manila Library, Bimby Park (vice Luneta Park), etcetera.
Except for P-Noy, I have absolutely nothing against his relatives who are nice people. In fact, Kris is a talented entertainer, and I sometimes watch her TV talk show with Boy Abunda. However, one gets the feeling that all these yellows’ “we’re-the-greatest” events down the years obviously echo their sentiment that they, the Aquinos, are the greatest of all time!
Verily, are not the Yellows extolling some of their dead for reasons less than honorable? That seems to be the tenor of their panegyrics. Has it never occurred to them that the less attention they seek for themselves, the higher the esteem in which they are held, that immortality is not falsified but earned and conferred by others, and that heaping undeserved praise upon the dead is a sure way of dishonoring them? No, I do not suppose so. To them, what matters is reaping political benefits through whatever means, even at the irreverent expense of the departed.

— P-Noy and his lawyers are back to their insolent ways. The Supreme Court, for humanitarian reasons, has ordered the ailing 92-year-old senator, Juan Ponce Enrile, released on bail under certain conditions and, feeling higher than the Court, they are on the warpath. Instead of being downgraded, the high tribunal should be praised for espousing a novel doctrine on the clear assumption that the Constitution does not exclude “humanitarian reasons” as a ground. Additionally, if the New Civil Code can release convicts at least 70 years old, with greater reason is the SC justified in granting JPE bail. Just obey, guys. Sed lex dura lex. — P-Noy: Traffic jams are a sign of progress.
— Sec. Joseph Abaya: Why complain? Nobody dies from traffic congestions.
— Thai trade center bomber wore a yellow shirt.
— Killer of Pamana, the rare Philippine eagle, was also reportedly wearing a yellow shirt.

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