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The chicken or the egg?

RRoy’siPadThe chicken or the egg?
Ronald Roy — Aug. 20, 2015

I hate to say this, but let me say it anyway. Our politicians should inculcate in their oaths of office these nuggets of wisdom from Leigh Hunt: “Patience and gentleness is power”, from Colton: ” Power will intoxicate the best hearts, as wine the strongest heads. No man is wise enough to be trusted with unlimited power”, and from Thomas Jefferson: “I have never been able to conceive how any rational being could propose happiness to himself from the exercise of power over others.”
He was right whoever said that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”, and from his quote I wish to infer that “power is enhanced by its voluntary curtailment.” Sadly, however, self-interest disables our public officials from extending the services that we, their employers, expect, and from realizing, as in the case of some electoral aspirants, they won’t get the votes if they are seen as abusers of power.
Delicadeza, or propriety, is a “must” for trumping innuendos that a public servant is unworthy of the public trust…parang langaw na masmataas pa sa kalabaw na kaniyang tinutungtungan (like a fly acting mightier than the carabao on which it rests).

The theory of origin
Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken, the cogent reason being that, in Christian theology, Adam and Eve came before their sons Cain and Abel — the same way that Alpha the Creator came before Adam and Eve and all the rest of Creation. Indeed, how can a chair come into being ahead of its carpenter?
Which comes first, power or money? Ask a private individual, and he’ll probably say “money” because it’s enough to solve his problems; ask a politician, and he’ll most likely say “power” because, aside from generating money, power opens portals galore for quenching a maddening thirst for earthly possessions, so much so that resorting to foul means to acquire them is almost impossible to ignore. Parenthetically, Satan once tried to inveigle Jesus into the world of mammon, but he failed.
What are at stake in the forthcoming 2016 polls, the noble opportunity to serve, money, or power? Power. One need only see how our plunderous leaders have plunged the country to such unprecedented depths of socio-economic and moral dearth. It is in fact not a surprise that already some electoral aspirants are acting accordingly.

Kapit tuko
Kapit tuko (lizard’s tight grasp) is a government functionary’s refusal to vacate his office when required to do so by law or propriety. When LP presidential standard bearer DILG Secretary Mar Roxas offered to resign his cabinet seat on the pained prodding of non-Yellows, his endorser the president said: “No, continue your fine work. Do the rounds asking LGU officials how you can continue to help their areas. Stress that you do not intend to shirk your solemn duty to assist them. Emphasize ‘solemn’. This is the way to fortify your campaign” — or words to this effect.
Holy macaroni, what hypocritical double talk is this?! These guys know very well, and they know that we know, that this stratagem not only violates their much vaunted democratic policy of “leveling the playing field”, but also detours from their so-called daang matuwid (straight path).
These guys must take us for idiots; for them, they come ahead of others. They know that we know that Mar’s formidable organization consists of both the ruling party and the nationwide structure of local government units. The Yellows must be telling Roxas: “Don’t resign! Who cares what they think? What are we in power for?!” (With apologies to the late Speaker Jose Avelino who authored the infamous line.)

Self before others?
Some politicians commence their public life with the best foot forward, sincere and willing to serve and sacrifice for the people, others as job seekers and adventurers, and still others as outright fortune hunters with malice aforethought. It shouldn’t shock you to learn that the first category consists of a mere handful of idealists.
At this point, let us place in perspective Sen. Sonny Trillianes, the swashbuckler who won the hearts of millions in his seditious Oakwood stand against a malevolent president. As a self-proclaimed aspirant for vice president, has he done enough to be a “winnable” contender? I don’t think so. During a recent Radio-TV interview by Anthony Tabernas, he showed why he should vacate his senate seat ASAP for the good of the service.
Senate documents reveal that Trillianes has at least forty consultants — my father never had more than two at any time in his 26 uninterrupted years of service in both houses — who are each being paid a minimum of P 17,000 monthly, with the highest fee reportedly costing over P 90,000 for a “key witness” against VP Binay. When Tabernas started to total the figures, Trillianes brusquely raised his voice with a mouthful that meant “none of your damned business”.
Someone ought to tell Trillianes his glory days are over, and to remind him it’s never “self before others”.

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