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Dirty politics

Dirty politics
Ronald Roy — Aug. 12, 2015

Alas, election frenzy is upon us! Election fever is far from peaking, but already many politics-crazy Pinoys have started to talk politics, eat politics and do politics in any such way that gives them hefty gains from the forthcoming 2016 elections.

Once again, it isn’t about choosing the next batch of leaders who can effect meaningful changes for the country. Rather, it’s about using the ballot in the same old stupid ways that continue to cause us to lag behind our Asean neighbors: electing into office comedians, actors and whoever bids the highest for the vote.
It’s again the season for cooing at an ugly baby and telling the mother it’s cute, for making false promises, for running for public office then withdrawing if the price is right, for muckraking, slandering and terminating and, well, investing big in the most profitable business called politics. Yes, these things candidates do with nary a worry over returns that profusely flow through the wide channels of graft and plunder.
We must be masochists mired in the pigsty of the forthcoming elections, infested as they surely will be by those deplorable PCOS machines. Is there any hope of arresting this national malaise? Yes, but only if the benign tumors that our leaders are can be excised. A change among them is however unforeseeable, as they are too engaged in internecine pre-election squabbles to lead by example. In fact, dissensions now rage among them.

Mar-Noynoy tandem
According to some Liberal Party and Coalition insiders, the Yellows are in almost total disarray because all their well-planned hoopla notwithstanding, presidential aspirant VP Jojo Binay appears to be closing the gap between himself and the front-running Grace Poe. At the same time, presidential preference polls show that Mar Roxas’ position has remained virtually static, i.e., trailing way behind Grace and Jojo, and remaining slightly ahead of tail-ender Rod Duterte.
Their despair and gloom reflect what I once wrote: Aquino would anoint Mar knowing full well he would never win, and that’s why as of this writing he has not offered anything to Grace. He’s hoping she will not be Mar’s running mate so he can himself team up with him. Well, P-Noy, that’s a dastardly trick because it’s your bosses and the Law you’ll be trifling with. Your dictatorial mindset may not accept this, but please listen anyway.
The Constitution prohibits you from exercising executive power by limiting your term of office to six years. Running for vice president in 2016 would then mean you’re attempting to circumvent the prohibition because, without meaning to alarm Mar, as vice president, you can act as president whenever allowed by appropriate events, or even become president…such as when an act of God creates a vacancy in the presidency.

Selective justice
Former Senate President Jinggoy Estrada often warned us of the administration’s regime of “selective justice”, and it’s beginning to be clear he was right after all. Yes, selective justice galore is being served…courtesy of Injustice Secretary Leila de Lima and Mar’s lackey, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales.
Selective justice initially reared its ugly head on the jailing of opposition stalwarts, former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Sen. Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada, and the reign of terror has since escalated. The so-called “third batch” of pork scam officials to be charged, as released by De Lima, demonstrates that the only senator placed over the grille is Gringo Honasan, and he happens to be an opposition leader.
But what about the more than 200 legislators mentioned in the list of prosecution witness Benhur Luy? Square with us, girls, are you planning to create a hole in the dragnet in order to facilitate their escape? I know you owe your appointments to P-Noy, but my gosh… your loyalty to the Lawyer’s Oath ends where your fealty to him begins…right?
Don’t your disorganized yellow confreres realize that the more they wreak dirty politics on Grace and on one another, the clearer their slogan emerges as a baluktot na daan (crooked path)?

Crystal ball
Don’t look now, but the sun is now faintly smiling at Jojo Binay — thanks to the uncertainties badgering his political foes.

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