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Ronald Roy — July 20, 2015

By George, the outspoken Sen. Serge Osmeña lll has spoken up once again! This time, he says that the vice presidency, not the presidency, is what’s best for Sen. Grace Poe…not that I’m saying he’s wrong because, after all, he probably has learned much from three generations of Osmeña politics and, after all, what’s wrong if he just happens to believe that the affairs of state should not be entrusted to a student council headed by a novice?
A student council? What a horrid thought! Surely, Serge must have merely recalled that President Noynoy—whose mother once said she feared his incompetent son might be lured into the presidency — might not be aware he should manage not a student council but an entire country, whose people are the source of all of their government’s political and social authority to govern their affairs in a manner fostering their collective welfare.

Grace quiet; P-Noy hedging
There really is nothing wrong with Serge’s opinion that, if Grace apprentices as a vice president, she will be a better president. In fact, he says she has all the attributes of a good president. However, prevailing circumstances suggest that: a Poe Vice Presidency will leave to chance the Presidency being occupied by anyone of three other candidates seen as a thief, a matapobre, or a salvager (one who murders criminals).
It puzzles why Grace and Chiz (Escudero), who in my judgement are sure winners as a team, are still as of this moment hesitant to reveal specifics regarding their purported interest to run for the top two offices in 2016. I shall repeat what I once wrote: “Of course Grace needs the essential largess and organization, but these things will quickly come as soon as she announces she’s running. From this announcement will emerge a bandwagon, an umbrella of political parties that will adopt her (and Chiz) as their candidates, not to mention financial support from business groups, etc.
Political surveys on voter preferences constantly project Grace as the candidate to beat, making it seem — barring VP Binay’s becoming the frontrunner if 3 or more run for president — that even before election time she already will have bagged the presidency. There therefore is no reason for her to remain quiet, nor for P-Noy to be hedging on whom to “anoint” as his candidate for president. Probably he’s grappling with how to make his anointed successor so grateful for his endorsement, that he or she will shield him against an expected avalanche of criminal suits after his term.
P-Noy’s dilemma here is whether anointing the unstained Grace Poe for president will ensure for him her aegis from criminal suits, which will come, if my sources aren’t pulling my leg, from various quarters, most notably from former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s camp. Part of his dilemma is that, while a Mar Roxas presidency will surely protect him, Mar may already be counted out even before the fight has started.

The other wannabees
Whatever has been said of the integrity of VP Binay and other members of his family, they all deserve protection under the constitutional guarantees of “due process of law” and “presumption of innocence”. Let it be said, on the other hand, that: it would be more honorable for a guilty VP Binay to repent in jail, than to become president through a possible technical failure by the state to pronounce his guilt.
The final judgement of guilt must therefore be made before Binay takes his oath as president, otherwise his right of immunity from suit will attach. Hmmm…could it then be true that there is a “deal” for such a failure of final judgement to happen so that Binay can become president, in exchange for which P-Noy gets protection from criminal suits after he steps down?
Mar is bright, has the name and experience, comes from the party in power, and appears impervious to corruption — attributes that he can proudly bring to the Palace. However, time is running short on his efforts to reverse his anti-poor image, and to see how he can groom his wife to be a distinguished First Lady. Also, as DILG Secretary now trekking the campaign trail, he cannot depend on the electoral support promised by local government officials who, by nature, butter up to their boss.
Sen. Bong Bong Marcos also has the attributes of a good president. Additionally, he has an enviable public service record. Unfortunately, however, his quest for the presidency is saddled by his late father’s name. What he can do is to support Grace for president, then later seek Her Excellency’s blessings for a chance to become Senate President.
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte? I think his anti-crime platform of government is an absolute disgrace!

Crystal ball
After Grace turns down an offer to be Mar’s running mate and runs for president, legal actions to disqualify her will commence. But she will hold her ground well and become Pres. Grace Poe.

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