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Of marriages

Of marriages
Ronald Roy — July 2, 2015

I think it was on the sixth day when God created Man in His likeness. The Holy Book tells us that Adam was created out of clay and God’s breath, followed by Eve who was created out of one of Adam’s ribs along with the same Divine breath. From this may be inferred, incidentally, God’s intention that Adam would have ascendancy over Eve, who in turn would serve as his love-mate principally for the propagation of the human species.
Nowhere in Genesis or elsewhere in the bible is there any mention of the “third gender” playing a role in God’s procreative scheme of things, nor in the building of families, communities, governments, and the like. In fact, the Old Testament cites God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as punishment for those homosexuals and lesbians who actively engaged in promiscuous sexual practices. Furthermore, there appears to be no evidence in the New Testament that Jesus Christ or his Father reversed the latter’s disfavor of such practices.

Same-sex marriages
To be sure, however, it was never God’s intention that LGBTs (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders) be discriminated against for “being different”.There is absolutely no reason why they should be denied our understanding and help so that they can compete in the struggles of life with as much freedom as everybody else.
Laws in our jurisdiction have made much headway in opening for them the doors of opportunity and advancement. In cinema, television and fashion, for instance, not to mention public service, many of them are performers of exceptional talent and industry, and we accord them the recognition for blazing trails here and abroad. But then, their demand for same-sex marriage is going a bit too far.
Call me a square, a bigot or an unprogressive close-minded stick in the mud, but I think same-sex marriages will serve no other purpose than to cause a repeat of “Sodom and Gomorrah” in our lifetime. Believe it or not, some 35 years ago, an old woman reputed to be a mystic who had accurately done a “reading” on my body’s mole locations and other personal and work matters, prognosticated God’s wrath falling upon a great nation (America?) that would defy God’s warnings against using His Holy Name to solemnize same-sex unions.
She concluded in Tagalog: “Let us commiserate with them and keep them from errant ways, lest we and the bullheaded be severely punished. Even clergymen, solons and magistrates will be held accountable for their LGBT-related errors.” Yes, as predicted by seers throughout history, evil has spread with alarming alacrity in the end of times, and it is arguably in this generation that a final call is being made for the lionhearted to rally to His side.

Failed political marriages
Just like some marriages are voided ab initio or annulled, even healthy working relationships between presidents and vice presidents are not invulnerable to break-ups. But it was not unexpected that the “Noybi” wedlock would eventually hit rock-bottom, as in fact it did when VP Binay, crying “persecution” and “foul”, recently bolted the cabinet to initiate his campaign for the presidency by calling the administration “inept” and “palpak”.
And the rift rapidly widened when Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales issued a second order suspending Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay from holding office, pending investigation of graft charges linking him to the allegedly overpriced construction of the city’s Science High School Building, which was immediately followed by the city vice mayor’s assumption of the office of City Mayor in an acting capacity.
But Junjun didn’t leave City Hall, and that’s when all hell broke loose between Binay supporters (hoodlums?) and a PNP crack unit receiving orders from DILG Sec. Mar Roxas — P-Noy’s presumptive presidential candidate who as such stands in Daddy Binay’s quest to be the next Palace occupant — to maintain peace and order at the site. But scores were hurt, cops and government employees alike, as monobloc furniture flew all over the area fronting the City Hall’s main entrance.

Potential revolt
Worse, the public service suffered as many of the city’s administrative offices were closed, or crippled by manpower lack, because their occupants were prevented by the police from entering the building. Even the city judges couldn’t function on a day they needed to submit to the Supreme Court a required “inventory of cases”. A lady judge quipped: “Sec. Roxas chides the Binays for behaving like they own Makati’s City Hall. But neither does he own the Philippine National Police! ”
After Junjun submitted to the suspension order of Ombudsman Morales —having failed to obtain TRO relief from the Court of Appeals — his father took center stage at UNA’s formal launch as a political party with a scathing broadside against the administration.
When politics rears its ugly head, as it regretfully always does in our benighted country, it’s the people who suffer at the hands of those whom they lavish with salaries and benefits in order to advance the public welfare. The Makati situation is a microcosm of the national government’s malaise, and if government functionaries continue to ignore their duties as the people’s servants, a revolt is not farfetched.

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