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Poe-Aquino Tandem

Poe-Aquino Tandem
Ronald Roy — June 21, 2015
(Concluding sequence of Gross Injustice)

Dan was very angry. With eyebrows furrowed and voice quivering as he lifted a mug for a sip of steaming americano, he said, “Ron, I won’t be alone with a sidearm. I have a group of grizzled veterans who are quietly recruiting others. Equipped well enough to join or lead a national uprising against the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law, we have touched base with other groups of varying persuasions. Unfortunately, I think we are now being monitored”, Dan concluded, his downward gaze in dejection.”
“Then freeze it, Dan. As a veteran intelligence officer, you know that the odds of pulling this off are practically nil. You know that only a spontaneous uprising has any chance of succeeding. Trust the peaceful way. Another petition has been filed before the Supreme Court questioning the constitutionality of the bill.

“Remember too that these petitions are being held in abeyance by the high tribunal pending completion by the senate’s amendment of close to half of the BBL which, incidentally, had been crafted by Malaysian lawyers. Sen. Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr., chairman of the senate local government units committee, has promised a more just version of the bill via a number of amendments.
“Dan, these changes include the opt-in provision which would allow expansion of the proposed substate, the sections dealing with contiguity, those concerning power-sharing, the powers of the Bangsamoro people’s parliament, their contribution to the national government, and their ownership of natural resources. Dan, these are substantial changes that can make the BBL acceptable.”
He was not mollified. With eyes moistened and fists clenched, he mumbled something about war being rekindled by the MILF despite the amendments. He didn’t trust the Moros, calling them warlike, magulang and always demanding all or nothing. For him, the BBL was born dead. I started to wonder how many more Filipinos felt like this.

Unholy alliance with Malaysia
“Ron, how can this woman Miriam Colonel-Ferrer be so disloyal to the government? After the decommissioning rites, she took the cudgels for Aquino, the MILF terrorists and Malaysian PM Razak in daring not only both houses of congress but the entire Philippine government: not to pass the draft BBL at the risk of having further decommissioning stopped and armed hostilities resumed.
“$&!@?! Doesn’t this make Ferrer, Deles, Leonen and the rest of the OPPAP: lackeys of Aquino, and Aquino a lackey of Razak? Isn’t it all too suspicious that the foregoing are all involved in a grand conspiracy to soak up the riches of our country??
“Isn’t it all too suspicious that this unholy Philippines-Malaysia alliance of sorts, which was forged decades ago through the efforts of Ninoy Aquino, is now about to bear fruit through the efforts of his son??” Dan was now clearly beyond restraint, so I hurriedly changed the subject.

How to handle China
I asked him if he had ever seen anything redeeming about P-Noy, and that seemed to change his mood. He said, “Well, all eyes are on him as the nation grapples with how best to deal with China’s escalating abuses in the West Philippine Sea, like trawl fishing, building islands, and lately the fencing off of our Recto Bank. Understandably, his net satisfaction rating improved because he spearheads the national resistance, albeit enfeebled, to China’s unlawful intrusions in our waters.”
“That’s right, Dan. However, as the chief architect of our foreign relations policies, P-Noy has been acting like a robot, id est, in accord with the traditional niceties of diplomatic rhetoric and behavior. I believe that, in the face of the shabbiest-ever treatment we’ve been getting from a foreign country, it’s time we dropped these niceties in defense of our national honor.
“No, I am not proposing that we aggressively take up arms against China, but something infinitely more benign than that. For instance, P-Noy should consider splashing wine at the face of the Chinese ambassador should the chance arise at some formal occasion in the future; the more formal the better…bwahaha! Believe me, Dan, his ratings would skyrocket in record speed!” Dan’s guffaw could be heard blocks away.

A prohibition’s spirit
He then somberly asked me what I thought of a Poe-Aquino team-up. “Clearly, Dan, this scenario can come only from desperate yellow dreamers, perhaps from P-Noy himself who is believed to possess an Asperger’s fertile imagination. The envisioned tandem is a tactical device to circumvent a constitutional prevention of Aquino from serving for more than six consecutive years.
“No, we need not belabor the point that the abuse by a president of his powers is curtailed by his tenure of office being limited. Note therefore that the mere potential of the tandem’s vice president to assume the presidency, whether in an acting or succeeding capacity, is by itself already an unconstitutional defiance of the prohibition.”

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