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Gross Injustice

Gross Injustice
Ronald Roy — June 18, 2015
(Part 1)

A friend whom I had not seen over the past 20 years texted me an invitation for lunch. I agreed to see him in the Greenhills Shopping Centre, looking forward to a chat with a Muslim friend over raging matters connected with the pending Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). The following day, I was having lunch with Dan (let’s just call him Dan) in a Chinese restaurant, armed with an old-fashioned pocket-size Sony cassette recorder, and pleased he immediately contacted me after reading one of my anti-BBL blogs.
Hereunder are a few highlights of my chat with Dan, 68, a Catholic who converted to Islam 12 years ago, then reverted only last year. Speaking for himself and most of the Maranao tribe to which he belonged, Dan believes, like a “great majority of Filipinos do, that the BBL is unjust and war-provoking”. Transcribed mostly from Tagalog, the taped material is an olio of mostly BBL-related issues.

Minority rules
“Right off, Ron, I’m glad that the BBL wasn’t passed for lack of material time. This will allow for greater reflection on the bill and, hopefully, its rejection. The entire Christian community in Mindanao (80% of the island”s population) denounces it as unjust and war-provoking. Only the interests of about 5% of the Mindanaoan population are sought to be promoted by the bill, which means that even the remaining all-Muslim 15% are excluded.
“This minuscule 5% group is bossing the show because it’s fully armed and supported — like you once wrote — by our traitor-president, Malaysia, America and the rest of the Muslim world, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Hopefully, the Mindanao Christians’ presidential candidate, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, can lay the BBL to rest if he wins.”
“Dan, I’m certain that the BBL will be approved notwithstanding its overwhelming notoriety, whether during or after P-Noy’s term. Now, whether or not the BBL will be implemented MILF’s way is a separate matter. The geopolitical dynamics here are not all that predictable. I would like to think though that the will of the sovereign Filipino people will prevail at all costs.

Leadership by humility
“Incidentally, regarding the people’s voice, I suspect the Yellows were the ones who commissioned the recent SWS survey that found that ‘60% of the respondents believe that the BBL will be finally approved’ — tending to show that they favor the bill. If the surveyors had only simply asked if responders favored the BBL or not, NO votes would have snowballed.”
“That’s right, Ron. That’s how badly the people’s voice is being suppressed. They dispense unlimited bribe money to get what they want. What’s going on, Ron? Are we a cursed people?”
“Well, a great number of us are also to blame, Dan, for electing bad people and receiving bribes from them. However, I see P-Noy’s failure of leadership as the main culprit, characterized as it is by his Asperger’s gaffes, unmitigated bias for his corrupt allies, and unfathomable obsession to denigrate others in a way that subtly exalts himself.
“One such blunder occurred in his recent speech in Japan when he made an allusion to that abominable 2nd World War bête noire, Adolf Hitler, tactlessly forgetting that his host, Tsugu Akihito, was the son of the then reigning Japanese Emperor Hirohito, Germany’s staunch wartime ally. High-grade leadership, Dan, especially if marked by humility, is what outstanding presidents are all about. Aquino doesn’t have this golden attribute.”

Armed protest
“Ron,4-star Police General Alan Purisima, whose 60-day suspension by the Ombudsman recently ended, is another case in point. The Ombudsman’s Office is a large office of competent lawyers. There is only one reason his graft case has not been forwarded to the Justice Department for prosecution: Purisima is a close personal friend of P-Noy. Getting his huge emoluments without doing anything, he has become a kapalmuks beneficiary of P-Noy’s scandalously excessive bias. By the way, Ron, what is schizophrenia, which some say is his ailment?”
“Schizophrenia is a very serious mental disorder that has been found to be prevalent among Filipinos. This split-personality phenomenon is more commonly associated with the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” Syndrome. No, Dan, you mischievous man, I don’t have the technical competence to differentiate between schizophrenia and Asperger’s Syndrome. But perhaps Carmen Pedrosa, who once wrote about Noynoy’s mental ill health when he was a kid, can enlighten us. Incidentally, Dan, how much will the BBL cost us?”
“I’m sorry, Ron, I cannot validate the latest report that the Bangsamoro substate’s development will cost taxpayers over 370 billion pesos for the first five years. But, my friend, if this is true — and it probably is — I certainly won’t hesitate to use my rifle in protest against such a gross injustice.” (To be continued next week)

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