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The Law

The Law is as much for the weak as for the strong, for the poor as for the rich, the young and the old, and all the genders and seasons, and everything else on earth over which Man has dominion.

The Law is enforced for the just, orderly and peaceful management of human and environmental concerns. Violations are dealt with to its fullest extent — a stricture imposed no less than by a utopian vision. Such is the rule of the Law, even-keeled, although sometimes harsh instead of lenient, and vice versa.

Utopia? Unfortunately, the Law can never be perfect in this imperfect world, hence, its imperative and ready submission to amendment or repeal — its raison d’être often held captive by the ill will of their amenders or repealers. Thus, it is so that Man’s fate goes by his own choices, virtuous or degenerate, wise or stupid.

The times are changing fast, and the Law has not kept pace. Nonetheless, it must be upheld even though it may at times be too harsh or too lenient. Dura lex sed lex is a Latin maxim that means “The Law may be harsh, but apply it because it is the Law”.

Amidst the engulfing political decadence, would that the Law were rewritten or abrogated in the spirit of righteousness, secure from the wrath of a sovereign people long deprived of its blessings.

The Law
by Ronald Roy
June 10, 2015

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