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Ronald Roy — May 20, 2015

Mutual trust is the foundation of peaceful relations among nations, communities, organizations, families, and individuals, friends or strangers. It is the life force of thriving democracies, viable businesses and stable marriages. But in a world turning complicated as populations expand, that life force weakens with the effect of personal interests being served ahead of those of others.
Mistrust equates with a Democlean sword hanging over your head.You get the creeps that it might fall at your next breath. It’s also like you just lost your compass in an unchartered forest of carnivorous beasts, and now don’t know which direction will get you safely back to the highway.
If mistrust among stockholders can lead to hurting words, disharmony and eventually corporate ruin, so also are families and friendships not invulnerable, sadly, to the scourge of mistrust. But what about the current threats to our Republic’s life? Are we certain our country will remain intact — as supposedly guaranteed under the pending Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in particular, and by our national leaders in general — given our rapidly deteriorating loss of confidence in them?
President Aquino appears to think so, per force of what he pathetically imagines to be his legacy for the nation when he steps down in 2016. Evidently, his recent trips to Chicago and Canada gave him the gumption: to proclaim himself, again, as the most outstanding Filipino president ever. Be that as it may, let us thank the Canadians and Chicagoans for the diplomatic courtesies they extended to a Filipino president, instead of blaming them for being ignorant of the critical condition of our ICU-confined nation.
As repeatedly cited in this column’s articles, the more P-Noy’s administration and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front bat for the BBL’s enactment, the more they lose their trustworthiness, although the same is virtually ensured by the formidable pressure coming from America, Malaysia and the rest of the Islamic sphere. However, it is not only the BBL that threatens a dismemberment of the country; this, along with the administration’s exceedingly dismal performance as the people’s trustee, forewarns P-Noy’s successor that a continuation of that legacy will bring about the nation’s disintegration.
My good friend, the multi-awarded investigative journalist, Jarius Bondoc of the Philippine Star, whose credibility rests on his penchant for documented facts and figures, recently listed down a substantial number of data that would cause a “breakdown of the Philippines”. Through his recent May 13 column, Gotcha, he emphasized in a comprehensive and detailed critique: “Busy stealing, executive officials no longer do basic services like assuring transportation, combatting crime, and keeping food prices down and the environment clean.”
Bondoc understandably did not have to cite P-Noy’s lead role in P-DAF and DAP-related transactions that corrupted not only legislators but also other functionaries and private persons, the same having been extensively discussed by other commentators. His broadside was a commendable reminder that P-Noy’s legacy of good governance is one big falsehood, and that it is the sure recipe for national disaster.
Sen. Grace Poe must forego her reliance on P-Noy’s advice and endorsement as she seeks to serve in a higher office, for such will be a “kiss of death” for being: an invitation to preside over the republic’s demise. Rather than listen to the familiar horde of traditional politicians, she should, as the coveted oath of office would have it, heed the Christian heart that beats to serve and not to be served, to lead by obeying her people’s mandates, and to be willing to die for God and country.
From the micro to the macro, hers will be a governance over matters steeped in mistrust. For instance, I’d like to ask if she believes the MILF leaders’ claim that their gunmen killed the international terrorist, Basit Usman, in an encounter three weeks ago. Oh, she does?! Just because she trusts them? Just because P-Noy and AFP Chief of Staff Catacutan say so?! But what if the encounter was a fairy tale scripted just to boost the MILF’s image in order to enhance the BBL’s acceptability?
It strikes me as dumb that: on their word alone, we have assumed Usman’s death to be true even without a forensic examination having been made, unlike in terrorist Marwan’s case where his finger was cut off for DNA matching. This logically explains the MILF’s refusal to claim the reward worth 2 million US dollars placed on Usman’s head, dead or alive. They still can’t lay a claim with a forensic proof of Usman’s death because he’s still alive.
Finally, I wonder if Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares suspects that the MILF’s ultimate agenda is for the emerging Bangsamoro territory, Sabah, Sulu and Sarawak to join Malaysia in a broadened Malaysian Islamic Confederation and, if so, how she plans to deal with this, given the ongoing worldwide contagion of Islamic militancy.

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