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Ronald Roy — May 14, 2015

Thanks, Christine (Lovett), for asking me to explain “fraud” in relation to the “Fight of the Century”, and “betrayal” in relation the Bangsamoro Basic Law.
Fraud is the intentional perversion of a truth to induce someone to part with something of value or to relinquish a legal right. ( Merriam-Webster Dictionary) And being defrauded is hardest to take when committed by a spouse, parent, sibling or close friend. But that’s not surprising, as the world is increasingly embroiled in crass materialism characterized by the “each man for himself” syndrome. We share the same opinion, incidentally, that this condition is a manifestation of the predicted “end of times”.
With respect to the recent Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, both face lawsuits for “deception (another word for fraud) to sell the bout”. This implies a connivance between the two boxers to unlawfully rake in millions of dollars derived mainly from ticket and pay-per-view sales worth over 400 million US dollars. The suits seek around 5 million dollars in compensation for a lousy fight their expensive tickets didn’t deserve, as alleged.
The class suit (consolidation of separate complaints) is anchored on Pacquiao’s alleged fraudulent concealment of a shoulder injury which produced the low quality of the match. Well, I expect this suit to be dismissed for the simple reason that Manny and his handlers didn’t conceal his injury as they often submitted themselves to media interviews regarding his shoulder injury weeks before the fight. Connivance? Preposterous!
Of course, Christine, public servants can be sued for fraud in both impeachment and criminal cases, although in the former case, “betrayal of public trust” is the ground that is prescribed by the Constitution. It remains to be seen if VP Jojo Binay can be criminally sued for alleged crimes committed when he was Makati’s Mayor; I think he can be sued only after his VP term.
Betrayal is defined by the same dictionary as an “act that fails or deserts especially in times of need”. Not only relatives and friends, but we, the people in general, are likewise vulnerable to betrayal not only among ourselves, but more tragically by those government officials and employees to whom we have entrusted the management of our affairs. This kind of betrayal is most pernicious because it disobeys our sovereign mandate and shuns our very power that put them in office!!!
In fairness, I prefer to think that not all, but only some, of the proponents of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, honestly believe they’re pursuing a noble cause. Honorable as they are, Peace Council members Luis Cardinal Tagle and the venerable Howard Dee have a naive grasp of the BBL-related political realities that threaten the life of the Republic, and they’re unaware that they’re being insidiously used.
Friends and kin have a fair chance of resolving fraud and betrayal disputes among themselves, but in the case of our citizens, it will be almost impossible for them to assert their sovereign rights against a determined, well-organized and well-funded government that is, additionally, supported by foreign countries in its treasonous quest for the so-called “lasting peace” in Mindanao.
Wherever I go, well-informed people including Muslim friends are convinced the pending BBL will be passed by both houses and signed into law by President Aquino — not necessarily on the basis of merit, but as a result of the President’s misguided utilization of the awesome powers and resources of his office.
To a man, they’re almost certain that parting with Mindanao is only a question of time, and that only God’s intervention can prevent it. Indeed, we are now reading the proverbial “handwriting on the wall” that says: It will be the unpleasant and futile task of the next president to prevent the secession of Mindanao because the same has been willed by America, Malaysia and the rest of the Islamic world.
You asked about Sen. Grace Poe, Christine. Yes, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Grace has the potentials for being a good Filipino President, even a truly great one. Her credentials speak for themselves. But: will she have the needed intestinal fortitude to fumigate numerous malodorous Augean stables? She’ll be stepping on a lot of toes, you know; so she’ll be needing her own organization for protection and support, as attempts to harm her and derail her governance will intensify.
With the support of America, the Church, and virtually all sectors of society, Grace will be a runaway favorite for the presidency. Political parties will want her as their candidate, but it will be best for her to form her own party or coalition. Certainly, the least she needs is to be so beholden to others that she may feel compelled to grant, e.g., immunities to PDAF and DAP-related indictments.

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