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Dear Mr. Iqbal

RRoy’siPadDear Mr. Iqbal
Ronald Roy — April 29, 2015

Dear Mr. Iqbal (Mohager Iqbal, right?),
I hope you remember me. I’m the owner of that house and lot located in San Juan City that was up for sale last year. It’s still up for sale, and I hope you return to buy the property. Your objection then was that I was using an alias. Well, this time we can prepare a deed of sale using my name that appears in the records of the Civil Registrar’s Office.
Sir, I’m sorry but I can only note your apparent adherence to a legal system that outlaws fraudulent concealments of identities. I’m also sorry I couldn’t give you the benefit of the doubt when you neither denied nor confirmed Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s revelation that he had evidence you committed a crime under a fictitious name years ago. I didn’t want to be a fool by giving you the benefit of the doubt, but I’m so desperate for peace I might yet do crazy things just to avoid seeing “body bags” and a “very bloody war”.
Who knows, the president’s exhortation for all to trustfully support the BBL may be judicious! The trouble is: your questionable comportment on many issues makes me see your law-abiding veneer as illusory. Please send me a comment on just a few matters which, hopefully, you can clarify in the spirit of reason and amity. Intimidation has no place in any peace process.
First: Sir, you didn’t represent the other Muslim tribes at the peace talks. So, what “lasting peace” is there to be achieved under the Bangsamoro Basic Agreement?
Second: You can’t deny that the MILF is negotiating on the strength of two personalities, namely, that of its being a “belligerent entity”, on the one hand, and that of the ARMM being a region, on the other. As a belligerent entity, it asserts demands consistent with the idea of secession, such as having its own flag, anthem, CoA, Comelec, police force, courts, etc., and yet, although the ARMM is a mere region, the MILF is requiring us to develop it in the exorbitant amount of 75 billion pesos annually…or else war will explode!!
A massive majority of us from Luzon and the Visayas will never succumb to this intimidation. If down the ages your areas have remained undeveloped, it’s because it has never been in the culture of your people to work them—unlike Christian families who applied for titles to build homes, fish pens and farms, and elected people to build roads, churches, school houses and other structures.
No, sir, our Christian forebears did not grab your lands, and never did the so-called Jabidah massacre ever happen (Website: musingsbyroy.wordpress.com). And if ever there were cases of land-grabbing,they were isolated. Anyway, how about the numerous incidents of arson, kidnapping for ransom, robbery and decapitation committed by the MILF and other armed Muslim groups against Christians including clergymen? Why such hatred and violence??
Third: You “own” your territory and we dare not enter it without giving “tong” or some goodies at your checkpoints. On the other hand, Luzon and the Visayas are in fact owned by all Filipinos. Muslims are welcome to freely tour, study, engage in business or reside in all our Christian and other areas.
Fourth: In order to “have their cake and eat it too”, MILF gunmen and other Muslim forces murdered last January 25 thirty-six PNP-SAF commandos, stole their personal belongings, weapons and munitions, and refused to return them on the ground that they constituted “war booty” — a term used only in international wars, hence, their erroneous mindset that their struggle is a world war against us, not a local criminal insurgency called rebellion.
Fifth: Happening right now is an accelerating anti-Islam movement across the world. Engaged in activities like military raids on Jihadist camps, outlawing of the Sharia Law, deportation or arrest of Muslims on mere suspicion and demolition of mosques are: Cuba, Angola, Norway, Japan, Germany, Austria, China, Australia, Ireland, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Alabama and North Carolina. Sir, consider yourself lucky that similar anti-Islam measures haven’t yet taken root in this country.
Sixth: Given these developments, as well as the alarming plunge of his net satisfaction rating, I believe P-Noy plans to withdraw his endorsement of the unpopular BBL,leaving with his successor the monumental headache of its disposition. He might have found a way to do it when he directed Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to issue arrest warrants to 90 identified Muslim gunmen for the murder of the 36 police commandos, anticipating the usual haughty resistance from MILF’s leaders. This resistance would then create the impasse the Congress will need to store the pending BBL in the back-burner.
Conflagration, Mr. Iqbal? Sir, don’t you provoke our armed forces; they’re restless and ready to die for God and country.

09186449517 ronald8roy@yahoo.com
Website: musingsbyroy.wordpress.com

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