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Deception 2

Deception 2
Ronald Roy — April 12, 2015

Father of the Risen Christ, cast out our fear. This may very well be Christendom’s most appropriate Easter supplication, in light of the ongoing persecution of Christians by Islamic militants around the world. The fear is a throwback to the time of Jesus Christ’s passion, crucifixion and resurrection, when His apostles and other followers cowered in trepidation of their ruthless Roman oppressors. Verily, the current conundrums with our Moro brothers and sisters in Mindanao may likewise be an anachronism of the same biblical past.
Please note the indecent hurry to call the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) a law, when in fact it’s only a bill awaiting enactment. Anyway, if we reject the pending BBL, we will be seeing “body bags”, according to Pres. Noynoy Aquino. Similarly, leftist peace panelist Miriam Colonel Ferrer says we’ll have a “very bloody war”. Well, we can’t appreciate these threats inspired by the MILF, Kuala Lumpur and Washington D.C., and should the dire forecast of P-noy and Ferrer come to pass, blood will surely drip from their hands, not ours!
Our fault?! Shouldn’t they and their supporters blame themselves for a one-sided peace agreement that they negotiated behind our backs, one which would have been sneakily passed by Congress had the 44 PNP-SAF commandos not been slain—nay, butchered—under conditions pointing to the Commander-in-Chief Aquino’s incompetence?!
Worse, P-Noy would now challenge us to produce a better peace pact version than the BBL! Excuse us, but that’s their job, not ours! P-Noy should consider the analogy that he’s an auto mechanic whom we hired to repair our car, then when we later complain he bungled the job, he loses his temper and tells us to fix it ourselves! Maracas de Caracas!
It’s so easy to please us with good performance, Mr. President, and we can be very grateful for any good service even if it’s expected of your office. The 500-meter-long Tutullan Bridge in Isabela worth 773 million pesos is a feather to your cap. However, instead of modestly acknowledging our plaudits, you inflate your ego by hailing the bridge as proof you’re a better president than your predecessors!
Sir, such unbecoming ways have tripped you into a quicksand. And don’t you realize that some well-meaning Yellows are like cement bags heaped on your back as you struggle out of it? For instance, your mouthpiece, Atty. Edwin Lacierda, glorifies your leadership in the Mamasapano episode as glowingly stellar. Says he: “Mission Oplan Exodus was an outstanding feat because our objective was successful. We killed Marwan, the high-value international terrorist.”
Correction, Pañero. The objective was a success, but the mission was not. Eminently more important than the mission’s objective was the safety of all the SAF commandos who carried out the mission. What the mission accomplished was as pyrrhic as killing a rat by blowing up an entire house; so stop deceiving us!
Apart from intimidation, deception appears to be another lever of P-Noy’s BBL propaganda machine, which bandies about the sweeping allegation that our Filipino Christian forebears “grabbed the lands (sic)” of Filipino Muslims in Mindanao! Huh? Christian families from Luzon and the Visayas who settled down in Mindanao were landgrabbers? And now we should pay the price of their skullduggery?
But isn’t it the case that it was centuries ago that natives from islands now known as Luzon and the Visayas settled down in the promising frontiers of an island now named Mindanao, when there were no land title systems, and when the “locals” called Lumads freely roamed wide-open spaces with no notion of homes bounded by fences or other badges of land ownership? And that it was only after the Spaniards came that the settlers started to embrace Christianity and apply for the first-ever land titles known as informacion possessoria?
Isn’t it likewise the case that it was only when the island’s rich natural resources were discovered, and the frontiers were developed by the Christian settlers, that the gratuitous claim of landgrabbing was first raised by the Muslims? All this deception proves only one thing: Pres. Aquino’s “student council” is so bereft of sound arguments for the pending BBL’s enactment that it can only now resort to issuing threats.
Another deception is the marker laid by P-Noy in Corregidor indicating the site of an alleged massacre of eleven Muslims in 1968 by government soldiers. [Please google Jabidah.] After trial, the court dismissed the case because one: the sole survivor and witness, Jibin Arula, failed to explain how he managed to escape by swimming to a distant shore wounded and bleeding in shark-infested waters, two: he couldn’t give the names of the victims whom he earlier said were his friends, and three: not a single grieving family came forward with a claim for damages.
Evidently, P-noy’s marker would tend to make Christians so guilty they would agree to support the BBL.

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