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Civil War

Civil War
Ronald Roy — April 05, 2015

Over the past few weeks, I’ve come under flack from a few readers for “coming down too hard on the president…for not appreciating Noynoy for his honesty… and for not forgiving an honest president in the spirit of Lent.” There were other remarks showcasing his honesty as the reason for forgiving him in relation chiefly to two issues, namely, the scandalously negotiated peace agreement between the PH government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and the infamous Mamasapano episode that took the lives of 44 PNP-SAF commandos under circumstances highlighting his accountability for the tragedy.
They mistake the forgiveness they seek for P-Noy for exemption from accountability for the bungled operations in Mamasapano, and for his “treasonous” participation in the making of the pending Bangsamoro Basic Law. They forget that after forgiveness is given as a divine act of Mercy, Justice is dispensed through restitution and punishment as a matter of course. They forget that there is a purgatory, karma for the expiation of errors during one’s lifetime, and penance after absolution.
Honesty is not the only requirement for the office. For instance, one’s honesty does not exempt him from accountability for, say, bearing false witness against his neighbor just because he does not violate the 7th Commandment against stealing. Is P-Noy honest? His words and actions haven’t shown him up as forthright in countless corruption issues, such as those related to PDAF and DAP operations that illicitly enriched officials and to his kid-glove treatment of erring allies.
In the ongoing Mamasapano imbroglio alone, he is regarded as the shadowy mastermind of a coverup, and as the undeserving beneficiary of a joint AFP-PNP effort to shield him from implication. His is a case of “mental dishonesty”, the most depraved form of dishonesty because it is imperceptible and devious. And it’s a most dangerous trait if possessed by a powerful functionary like a president. We cannot exempt P-Noy just because he is president because: “he who is highest in responsibility is least deserving of clemency”. Besides, if we exempt him, fairness will demand a release of all criminals. Is that what we want?
It’s extremely doubtful P-Noy’s handlers can arrest his plunging popularity, given that “Asperger’s syndrome” was the mental affliction for which he was placed by his father under psychiatric care in Boston over 45 years ago. Parenthetically, the syndrome is characterized by pedantry in speech, awkwardness in social interaction and such unseemly interests as in guns, toy generals and computer war games.
In real-life terms, it isn’t farfetched that the potential civil war posed by a failure of the pending Bangsamoro Basic Law is currently P-Noy’s most delightful Asperger’s preoccupation. How can we stop the kid from toying around with nuclear warheads? Well, we can capitulate to the unreasonable provisions of the BBL as negotiated between gun-toting Moros and the P-Noy-appointed team of three Moro-bootlickers: now SC Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, Teresita Deles and Miriam Colonel Ferrer. Or we can exercise our inherent right of revolt as a sovereign people, other non-armed means being unavailing.
A popular armed uprising isn’t unconstitutional because the people are higher than the constitution, the same being a mere creation of their authorship. But isn’t P-Noy higher than us? Well, in his Asperger’s mind he is. He downgrades his critics by calling them kulang sa pansin, (KSP, craving for attention) and condescendingly says he will pray for them. Doesn’t he realize he’s calling a hundred million Filipinos KSP?
Anyway, he and all other public functionaries —civilian, military and police — are our servants. We give them jobs, pay them salaries, lavish them with a whole lot of mind-boggling perks, and yet they steal our money while their service continues to deteriorate. And as if that were not enough, he would connive with Moros and neo-colonialists to allow them to help themselves to our national treasures in Mindanao, whose annexation, it is feared, is their ultimate purpose. Mr. President, with the sad stories about Kosovo, East Timor and Crimea on our minds, this is how we feel. Convince us we’re wrong.
We view your Peace Council — which in the first place you should’ve assembled before you sent the BBL to Congress — as an afterthought designed to lower our guard. Anyway, we note that some of its members are “weak links” in the peace chain. Cardinal Tagle is being inveigled to interfere with the political affairs of the State. Mr. Howard Dee is your sister’s father-in-law. And the resurrected Hilario Davide is remembered as GMA’s most reviled manservant.
There’s nothing the council can do to prevent an Asperger’s president from stoking a civil war he puerilely finds exciting. Only the sovereign people, empowered by the spirit of nationhood, can do this.

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