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Ronald Roy — March 26, 2015

“I…am…sorry”, haltingly intoned then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on national television, reacting to widespread allegations that she had instructed Comelec Commissioner Emilio Garcilliano to ensure her win over presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr. Through dagdag bawas and other methods, GMA and Garcilliano stole from Sen. Grace Poe’s father over a million votes that were added to GMA’s votes, thereby subduing the popular will effectively by two million swing votes in Mindanao, Poe’s bailiwick.
It was however to her deserved misfortune that the people didn’t forgive her. Her subsequent behavior belied the sincerity of her apology because she did not resign. Also, in an obvious strategy to cling to power, she continued to curry favor with the church and the military through felonious dole outs from the public funds. This further incensed the people.
If she had only contritely apologized, and had submitted herself to the disciplinary authority of the State, I believe that she wouldn’t be in the sort of hell she’s now languishing in. Filipinos are generally maawain (merciful), and there is here an opportunity for P-Noy to be back in his bosses’ graces by doing what GMA failed to do.
Trouble is, it isn’t in his character to apologize. For the nth time, I say that the bullheaded president’s greatest foible is pride — the sin that transformed Lucifer into a hellish monster with horns, hooves and a tail for challenging his Creator’s authority, or for thinking he was greater than God. Verily, P-Noy’s unmitigated pride proves only one thing: his consuming belief that he’s higher than his bosses, and that he’s above the law. It is beyond comprehension that he has chosen to follow in the steps of those hooves. Would that he changed course, lest the creature’s “hoofsteps” lead him to the fiery wrath of his bosses.
P-Noy remains unswervingly adamant he cannot be faulted for anything with respect to the tragic Mamasapano episode. He sounds like a whining kid proclaiming himself totally faultless, preferring to blame his military subordinates for having misled him with wrong information. “Nabola ako ng mga tao ko!” (I was fooled by my subordinates!) Hmmm, isn’t P-Noy admitting here that he is such an incompetent commander-in-chief he can be fooled by his men? Understandably, the beleaguered fellow can’t get his act together as an international conference approaches.
With APEC coming up, the balding host has to look his best: a smash hit of a leader admired by a hundred million Filipinos! Unfortunately, this cosmetic exercise by the Palace is headed for nowhere, what with the pending Bangsamoro Basic Law being in ICU confinement and the citizenry’s demand for appeasement becoming more insistent over the Mamasapano affair. It does look like Krys Aquino’s only brother is inexorably sinking in a quagmire of his own making. The more obdurate he stays in denial, the faster he ignominiously loses his people’s respect.
Just like their benefactor, yellow apologists appear unable to pull their act together, their defenses moving from weak to ridiculous. I lost my admiration for Sen. Bam Aquino when he warned his cousin not to apologize to the nation since that would give his political enemies a basis for persecuting him more. He should have instead given the advice: “Kuya Noynoy, to hell with your enemies. Apologize to your bosses whose trust you have betrayed and, who knows, they may just forgive you.”
Consider this one too: “But why should P-Noy apologize?? He doesn’t steal at all!!” This is as hilarious as it is asinine. Even gratuitously assuming he is honest to a fault, honesty isn’t the only requirement for the presidential job. The argument rubs me the wrong way since it says, analogously, that a Christian need not feel sorry for committing a mortal sin because anyway he does not violate the 7th Commandment against stealing.
But what tops ’em all comes from P-Noy himself: “Me…my fault??? Hoy, pwede ba??? My subordinates made me bolas, ‘di ba? And I’ll make this clear once and for all — Purisima did not follow my orders!!! ” Bingo! P-Noy has admitted to having committed the impeachable crime of having issued orders to a police official who had already been suspended on corruption charges!!!
Well, since P-Noy won’t say he’s sorry, I will. I…am…sorry that we have a president like Benigno B. S. Aquino lll.

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