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Ronald Roy — March 11, 2015

With all due respect, His Eminence, Antonio Luis Cardinal Tagle, erred in taking a political stand against calls for the resignation of Pres. B. S. Aquino lll. The doctrine of “separation of state and church”, which Jesus Christ himself upheld — “Give Caesar what is Caesar’s and God what is God’s” — implies that clergymen should minister to the spiritual and moral needs of their flock, rather than interfere with the political affairs of the state.
Apropos, in a democracy, to the citizens belongs the exclusive right to oust their leaders as they see fit. Electing them to office includes the power to remove them, and certainly Aquino is lucky he is merely being persuaded to step down. In any event, he will not resign because hubris and pride, expectedly, prevent him from doing so. And because he now brazenly attempts to clear himself at the expense of SAF Maj. Gen. Getulio Napeñas, — which is the last straw — he has just plunged the presidency into its darkest hour in history. He has completely lost his people’s trust.

Trust is the confidence that you will not be betrayed or stabbed in the back even by strangers. Those who believe this must be living in the past when public officials were honest, when business and marital cheats were scarce, and when police blotters were empty pages. I do not wish to be a killjoy, but I do not trust all those peace negotiators who declare that mutual trust is the foundation of a peace pact between the Philippine government (PG) and the Mindanao Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). While that may be true, their actions say otherwise.
Take for instance the Moro leaders’ persistent claim, stressed only last week by MILF spokesman Mohagher Iqbal, that the envisioned new Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao will not secede from the country, as supposedly guaranteed under the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). Well, I question this assurance by pointing out that not only have the Moros been pining for secession, they have in fact been strutting around like peacocks. Under the BBL, they’ll have their own Comelec, CoA, Ombudsman, flag and anthem, representations in our Cabinet, Police Force, etcetera.
As further proof, wasn’t this “international-personality” posturing indicated by the recent disclosure by Iqbal that, before they submit their investigation’s final report on the Mamasapano carnage to the PG, they will first endorse the same to the Malaysian government for its study and approval? S – – t !!! Ano ba’ng pakialam ng Malaysia dito?? I shudder over the old fear that Muslim Malaysia has a cryptic agenda to annex Mindanao, then perhaps later: our entire country. No thanks to Ninoy, then later his son, Noynoy, we finally lost Sabah four years ago to Malaysia. Remember?

Four-way Deal
I smell here an MILF-Malaysia-U.S.-PG deal: The MILF will be pacified with the BBL’s approval, Malaysia will enjoy a windfall from our natural resources or annex Mindanao, America will maximize its homeland security through its military presence in the Far East, and our defenses against China and Nokor will be fortified in the process. Assuming this to be the case, Barack Obama, reputedly a Koran adherent, need not be involved in this arrangement, in which case: we would be dealing with the most formidable action force on the planet: the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
Questions: Can we then afford not to support the BBL? Isn’t the CIA goading P-Noy to secure its passage? Most likely. Additionally, I reiterate P-Noy has succumbed to what his father had nurtured in his time: an unpatriotic bias for Malaysia and the lure of a Nobel Peace Prize. I won’t be surprised if, by the time you read this, his trust rating has so hit rock bottom that hell would break loose if Gen. Lapeñas were officially disgraced in a court martial.

Malaysia’s disturbing U.S.-backed role may be viewed 1. as an unwarranted interference with our internal affairs and, 2. since this role is obviously consented to by Aquino, as a basis for his impeachment for Breach of Public Trust, if not Culpable Violation of the Constitution. For this and many other reasons, P-Noy now faces charges for the crime of treason; although in my personal view as a lawyer treason does not apply because “in treason, our country must be at war with a foreign country”, and the MILF is not a foreign country, it being the military arm of the ARMM, which in turn is a mere region created under our Constitution”.

The Best Of Two Worlds
Likewise, the Moros can easily be distrusted for playing a duplicitous game that gives them the best of two worlds. On one hand, as a recognized “belligerent entity”, they command global attention as if they were a duly accredited U.N. member. On the other, they are a fully armed local government unit imposing onerous obligations on non-Moro Filipinos. And adding to my undeserved irritation is Iqbal’s latest gripe: “You (non-Moros) alienate us further by crying for justice for your 44 SAF commandos!”

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