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Ronald Roy — 2013 July 9

I must have been so influenced by some books about the American “sleeping prophet”, Dr. Edgar Cayce, that since the 1950’s I’ve remained open to the idea that the end of the world could be just around the corner in our lifetime. Buttressing this feeling is the esoteric but compelling Apocalypse, as defined in the biblical book of Revelation, not much of which I confess I understand.
Dr. Edgar Cayce was not a medical doctor, but because he was an outstanding psychic healer, he got to be popularly addressed as “Doctor” by patients who came to him for paranormal treatment from all over the world.
Cayce was a superlative clairvoyant whose mind traversed time and space to obtain information about God being the Alpha and the Omega, about that part of Him called “Amelius” who would become man and be named Emmanuel, about the six-day Creation, about climate changes that would wreak havoc on the world’s economies, about wars, and about the “catastrophic consequences of religious intolerance” — among other mysteries and global events and conditions.
With uncanny accuracy, he gave his answers from self-imposed trances with an assistant keeping a verbatim record of each healing session, and it was the same assistant who roused him from the trance with the snap of her fingers. He would then awaken not knowing what had transpired between himself and the patient. In the course of a healing session, he would likewise answer questions unrelated to the healing with as much startling accuracy, thereby gaining the reputation of a psychic far greater than Nostradamus.
Among Cayce’s predictions were the television set decades before its invention, and 1945 as the year of his death; and of his warnings, the most awesome was for “mankind to mend its ways as it was nearing its end”. His life was a series of remarkable events, the most inspiring of which was his conversion from Protestantism to Catholicism, which came after he conducted an analysis of his files.
One day, Cayce just had himself saying, “Oh, my God, if I said those things in my trances, then Mary must be the Virgin Mother of God. She is what Catholics call the Immaculate Concepcion!” Or words to that effect.
By Cayce”s mention of “catastrophic consequences of religious intolerance”, there is little reason to doubt he was referring to escalating conflicts between Islamic extremists, or Jihadists to be precise, and followers of other religions. The Islamists’ public prayers and other rites paying homage to Allah are beyond question awe-inspiring, and exceedingly more so when compared to the Catholics’ generally slovenly, if not disrespectful, public worship of Jehovah.
I have Muslim friends who are more devoted to their Qur’an — Koran, the Islamic holy book believed to be the word of God as dictated to Muhammad by the Archangel Gabriel and written down in Arabic — than most Catholics are to the Holy Book.
However, it is the violent feature of Islam that I find condemnable, juxtaposed with my faith as a Catholic. A Christian who dies for God’s sake is proclaimed a martyr, just as an Islamist is equally entitled to martyrdom honors of his own after giving up his life for Allah. I have no quarrel with that. Fine. But what I consider to be incomprehensible is the brutality, the savagery, in the way he shows his love for his Deity.
In the belief that Allah will reward him in heaven with vestal virgins, he detonates himself as a human bomb to massacre the “infidels” in a targeted crowded place.
Or he slices off with a knife an infidel’s head in a ritualistic public execution before fellow Jihadists repeatedly cheering and chanting “Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!” which translates to “Allah is great!”.
The latter case was how the Franciscan Catholic priest François Murad was butchered last June 23 in Gassanieh, Northern Syria, by Jihadist rebels of the Jabhat al-Nusra group which attacked the monastery Murad had been staying in. They arrested and executed him along with two others, for two reasons: He was a Catholic, let alone a clergyman, and he was suspected of giving aid to Assad’s government. Well, “giving aid to the enemy” is punishable by death in most countries, but the methods of hanging, musketry or lethal injection would have certainly been more humane than the savagery of decapitation with a knife.
The internet carries the gory and gruesome beheading incident like a movie in full color and sound, thereby enhancing to the utmost the barbarity of Jihadism and its seething anathema to religious tolerance. In my opinion, it is Jihadism in all its enormity and bigotry, that is the “clear and present danger” to world peace. Not China, not Russia, not America.
Islam was founded by the Arab prophet Muhammad (570-632 A.D.) and my research fails to show Jihadism as a product of his authorship, nor when and where its first barbaric act took place. And the paradox is : “Islam”, in fact, transliterates to “Peace” in English. Be that as it may, Jihadism appears to have spread like a virus in the past centuries, and more markedly over the past few decades.
Jihad-related incidents, like flash points, are presently disturbingly ubiquitous — Syria, Turkey, America, Egypt, and lately even China. In Egypt, the one-year old Morsi government was ousted by a civilian-military coup because of its failure to resuscitate a crippled economy and its excessive reliance on the Muslim Brotherhood (the oldest political party that enjoys a majority, if not plurality, of the population) in governing the country.
There should be no doubt in any mind that the coup was instigated or backed by America, Barack Hussein Obama’s playacting notwithstanding. For this reason, the funding for the success of Egypt’s interim government will surely come principally from Saudi Arabia.
But what is not certain is how quick and smooth the transition to democratic normalcy will take place. The truculence of Islamic bigotry bars any comfortable prediction.

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