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We cannot fail, Mr. President

We cannot fail, Mr. President
Ronald Roy
After administering the oath of office to President Benigno Aquino III, SC Associate Justice Conchita Morales-Carpio might have said while shaking hands with the new Chief Executive: “Save us, Mr. President, save us!”And he might have answered: “I’ll try my best, Madam Justice, I’ll try my best!”
That wee bit of dialogue would have been a most refreshing way to punctuate the inaugural rite in a departure from the hackneyed and the prosaic—not that it would have presaged a difference in Noynoy’s discharge of presidential duties for the next six years–because it will not. But it would have opened the door for an imperative reformist socio-political agenda for the next quarter of a century. Anyway, let me join the nation in glorious jubilation, savoring every moment of it until the daunting work begins.
Wow! I still don’t believe it! Noynoy Aquino, President of the Republic of the Philippines! “Mabuhay kayo, kagalang-galang na Pangulo. Nawa’y matupad ang inyong mga pangako! Pero baka hindi po makakaya, gaya ng sinabi ninyo”.
After a nine-year misrule by a gnome and her army of dragons, we can only look at Noynoy’s story like a fairytale—a knight in shining armor mounted on a white horse, descending from a cloud to slay and drive away these monsters. As in all cases of a new president, the expectations are high. But there’s the rub. President Aquino has declared his six-year term will most likely “not be enough to make a difference.”
I would agree with you, Mr. President, if you meant it would be like sweeping away Smokey Mountain overnight. And I would agree that only the fictional Superman (not even Albert Einstein) could do that. And I certainly would agree you are not the Clark Kent who is impervious to all objects of extinction, with the exception of kryptonite. But I disagree history would rate you a failure if that heap of garbage stayed around for the next six years.
We don’t seek the impossible, sir. All we seek is an attainable moral and ethical change in our lives–a change that can come from the heart of a sincere and caring leader. If you can do this, and we know you can, we will be gladdened with a new hope, a hope that can move mountains, not just that dump in Sapang Palay.
With your indulgence, let me repeat what I wrote last month: A sincere and caring leader is one who will set an example in honesty, transparency and hard work, and who will punish as the law warrants all those who do not follow this example. I hope you do not mind unsolicited pieces of advice. You can choose to ignore them anyway.
Here’s one. Please do not be fazed by what appears to be a stinging public rebuke of your appointment of Alberto Romulo extending his services as Foreign Affairs Secretary. I do not doubt that Romulo’s renewed appointment was imposed by Washington. It is not at all surprising that Washington would choose him to carry on, if only to ensure a continuum of existing relations between the two countries, particularly in respect of matters pertinent to America’s covert imperialist initiatives in Mindanao.
I realize, sir, you will find it futile to rock the boat on waters where American interests are ensconced. Remember the strongman Ferdinand Marcos? He rocked the boat when he announced his intention to reduce the US Bases Treaty Agreement from the stipulated fifty years to twenty five, and look what happened to him.
I also fully realize you are your own man, judging from your publicized disposition and deportment. To this extent, I believe you might have preferred to appoint one of your fullest confidence, instead of Romulo, whom many think you chose chiefly on the petty basis that you both come from the same province of Tarlac. I hope your critics can understand that Filipino presidents hardly have a choice where American arm-twisting tactics come to play. And if there’s any relief that I can derive from America’s oppressive foreign policy, it is the consuelo de bobo that this fellow Hilario Davide did not get the Foreign Affairs post!
Please let me now speak for those who did not vote for you. Many of us—and that includes me who pushed a ballot for former president Joseph Estrada without regrets—now stand in full support of your mission. We will be there ready to nurse your wounds each time you fall off your steed, get you back on the saddle, then urge you on until you finish your term on a high note.
Together, our success will be the blazing glory of the future, our failure the gasping scourge of the present. We cannot fail Mr. President! (arnydolor@yahoo.com; Tel # 7106701, Cel # 09186449517)

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