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The disgraced Nacionalista Party

The disgraced Nacionalista Party
Ronald Roy
The NP is a disgraced political party because its titular head Manny Villar is its disgraced official candidate for the presidency. Villar aspires for the highest office with a dubious rags-to-riches story that he claims to have taught him the ropes in licking chronic poverty.
We can give him the benefit of the doubt here, but certainly not with respect to how he has enriched himself by having allegedly used the influence of his office—first as House Speaker then as Senate President. And we’re speaking of billions of pesos here, and of documentary evidence not bare speculation. No man can claim any moral ascendancy whose self-respect is suspect. On a question of a conceivable lack of integrity alone, Villar should not be taken seriously—not for the highest office of the land anyway.
My father Jose J. Roy was the NP president for 10 years until he passed away in 1986. He brought dignity to this position in the glorious tradition of his predecessors like Jose P. Laurel and Sergio Osmeña. Gone are their days of statesmanship, delicadeza and altruism. Right after he won a congressional seat in the first district of Tarlac after the war, he gave the restive farmers of Nueva Ecija his only agricultural title covering 971 hectares of rice land.
He then proceeded to author and sponsor the first post-Commonwealth agrarian reform law, the 70-30 (farmer-haciendero) crop-sharing tenancy act. Thereafter he ventured into the lawmaking field of banks and corporations, ways and means and economic affairs to establish probably the greatest legislative output in history. In close to 30 years in both houses, he never lost an election and was annually chosen as one of 10 most outstanding representatives and thereafter yearly chosen as one of six most outstanding senators. That’s why he became NP president, Senate Majority Floor Leader and Senate President Pro-tempore.
He fought hard to keep the party alive, defying Marcos whose KBL questioned the NP’s petition to the Comelec for accreditation. Before Chairman Lino Patajo, argued Sen. Ambrosio Padilla, Sen. Mike Tamano (Adel’s father) and myself, and we won. The KBL appealed to the Supreme Court, but again we won—the high tribunal quoting verbatim substantial portions of my Brief. Note however that in a vibrant democracy, one’s loyalty to party is subordinate to loyalty to his constituency, and always a pretender will lose his compass in the dizzying swirl of self-interest.
Villar has never had this compass. Erap has one and knows where he’s going. But it is doubtful if he will consider giving Villar a free ride in a tactical alliance to stop Noynoy’s APPARENT runaway bandwagon. On the other hand, it is entirely possible this bandwagon phenomenon is more real than ostensible, what with surveys being commissioned for trending purposes.
Oh well, if this be the case, we have once again duped ourselves. We have once again expressed a puerile and greedy refusal to learn from past mistakes—such as the sale of ballots and the casting of votes in the abominable practice of patronage politics. Before shading the circles on May 10, one will be wont to ask what’s in it for himself not his country. * * *
Hereunder are highlights of my interaction with readers over the past week.
I have no problem with the left of center. In fact, the left of center makes for a healthy democracy. We need leftists like Risa Hontiveros in the Senate. Many leftists holding positions in government are hard-core Maoists masquerading in sheep’s clothing. They are ubiquitous, noisily mouthing love-of-country slogans but remain silent on the atrocities committed by their NPA comrades in the countryside.
I enjoyed occasional chats with Ninoy. He was witty and charismatic. He didn’t hear, he listened, looking you straight in the eye. He was quite a dynamic public speaker with a style that made it impossible to sense the dangerous man behind his engaging voice. I might have given him a trust rating of 100%. What a guy! It’s a pity his son would now threaten to call for people power in case he loses. This confirms Noynoy’s immaturity and inability to grasp the historical significance of his father’s assassination. And he wants to be president!?
The principal function of a court in a criminal case is to determine if the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. In a preliminary investigation, the prosecutor is tasked to determine the required probable cause to hand over the accused for trial by a court. Probable cause is that quantum of proof which a reasonable mind can appreciate. If Acting Justice Secretary Agra’s dismissal of the charges against Zaldy and Agwed Ampatuan is correct, then the rest of the world who disagree with him must have unreasonable minds. Agra should be disbarred, or at least be required to undergo DNA testing to prove his being an Ampatuan lookalike is coincidental. (Email: arnydolor@yahoo.com, cell # 09186449517, landline # (02)7106701)

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