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When former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada hitched up his faded blue denims declaring there was no turning back in his plan to seek the presidency in next year’s general elections, he meant it with the same unwavering voice and unblinking gaze that have seen him through his storied political career as Mayor, Senator, Vice President and President of the Republic.

Erap, TOYM awardee for public administration decades ago, has scaled the political ladder without a single electoral loss. This achievement, along with many others in his sterling public service, appears to give no cogent reason why he should fail to bring back to the people the sovereign authority Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has robbed them of. I am a believer in man’s inalienable right to salvation from unjust persecution and other forms of evil. Call it bias born out of over forty years of friendship with Erap, but I firmly believe his hour of redemption is close at hand.

Erap’s counter attack initiated via a libel suit against a taipan is palpably gaining momentum, thanks to Senator Ping Lacson, Alfonso Yuchengco the taipan, and other self-seeking civil society adventurists who have already martyred the former president with unabated pillory and vilification. This, even before the start of the hustings! The masses typically hate to see their champion down and kicked around, and when you do that, it’s them they’ll feel you’re kicking around. Listen to the airwaves, and you’ll know what I mean. Erap’s enemies have not learned, have they?

Among the most polished urbane gentlemen around town is former US Ambassador Albert Del Rosario. Not only is he a gentleman, but probably is also the most gentle person never known to have harmed a fly. Otherwise, I would not have asked him the honor of being a baptismal godfather of one of my sons sometime in the late 60s.

Albert vehemently denies he is the gangster Yuchengco claims to have led 10 fully armed men to coerce him to sell the taipan’s shares in the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company to the group of business mogul Manny Pangilinan. No, Albert does not fit the bill. And now, with Mr. Pangilinan denouncing this as a yarn concocted by the ailing Yuchengco, expect Erap’s libel suit against Yuchengco to prosper without a sweat. It’s not at all mysterious that Erap, one of the presidential derby’s frontrunners, should be the object of an orchestrated mudslinging campaign this early. At this stage, he is still the man to beat on the assumption that Noynoy’s unmerited and unmeritorious candidacy will eventually fizzle out.

* * *

Under the classical economic Law of Supply and Demand, if the supply of goods and services and the demand therefor are allowed to freely operate in the market, fair and reasonable prices of the same may be arrived at to the satisfaction of sellers and buyers. We must therefore submit, texter 9185, that this principle will not work in a market ruthlessly dominated, for instance, by those who control the supply line of the chart and, sadly, it is avarice for optimal profits that motivates them to do so. That is what is happening now in the petrol business (infra).

We must likewise agree that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo cannot shirk responsibility for the rapid development of the culture of greed in our society, it being noted that she and her closest relatives, no less, have been observed to be messing around in countless nefarious business activities for the past nine years. It’s a perfect setup for unbridled graft for this family, what with eyes-closed protection coming from the Office of the Ombudsman, some courts and other so-called dispensers of justice! How the new administration—unless of course Gloria somehow remains in power–after next year’s elections will deal with this scourge should be the thing to watch!

* * *

Ramon (Franco), with respect to what appears to be a cartelization of the petrol industry—an issue raised by whistleblower Ralph Recto—the former Neda Chief has taken one big step back to the Senate, albeit his efforts may not prevail over the humungous evil that greed is. For it is greed, Ramon, why we remain in the fringes of a global recession. It is greed that continues to rip asunder international ties and family and personal relations. It is greed that inexorably pushes away God from a growing number of his creatures, and it is greed, sheer human greed, that will ultimately necessitate the Lord’s second coming!

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Ms. Ninez Cacho-Olivarez

Publisher and editor-in-chief

Dear Ninez,

For your consideration, please.


Ronnie (Roy)

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