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I have searched but found no historical account of the earliest ideological clash between Christians and Muslims, and by that I refer to any religious or cultural difference of such acrimony as actually sparked a violent physical encounter. So, let me just say their disparities have existed since time immemorial and, to this day, have produced escalating wars to a point where one senses permanent peace is attainable only with the total annihilation of either side.

As we scan the world in general and Mindanao in particular, we note that the chasm between Christendom and Islam has never been so alarmingly wide as it now is. Here, we have had to contend with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and its splinter groups—of which the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) was originally one or continues to be one—the MILF and its scattered lost commands, the Abu Sayyaf and other assorted Muslim criminal elements of the decapitating variety each of which, to be sure, is an apparent will-o’-the-wisp that blends with and is harbored by Muslim non-combatants. What is scary is the pervasive suspicion that Muslim public officials are involved in cover-up schemes.

Under these circumstances, what then gives Mrs. Arroyo the basis to promise an end of the Mindanao conundrum before she steps down? Well, the desperate lame duck can only now exhibit unrestrained braggadocio. And one can predict, as her stolen term nears termination, more of the same egotistical behavior that has enabled her to remain among the world’s most powerful women. It does sometimes pay to be a political oddity in the category of Adolf Hitler and his ilk,eh, Mrs. Arroyo?

* * *

Melanie (Gomez), Power, as defined in Oxford English Dictionary is”the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way”, that’s all. It does not say that power is positive or negative, or good or bad. We can however define it as the ability or capacity to influence events. Therefore, it’s not necessarily a feather to Gloria Arroyo’s cap that she has been chosen by Forbes magazine as the world’s 44th most powerful woman. She does have the ability to influence legislators to frustrate impeachment moves against her, or to devise ways of perpetuating herself in power or otherwise influence her lackeys to do unlawful acts. Yes, she does have the awesome power to abuse public funds, and that’s why the next administration is going to have an utterly bankrupt country to run. Powerful? No, satanic.

* * *

Kim (Brosas), delicious with a very high campaign fever, the Senate has marshaled its full weight against the Concerned Citizens Movement’s plea for pilot-testing of the Smartmatic-Tim automation machine. Without wishing to discuss the technical intricacies of automation, let me just put it this way: if I needed to buy pancit palabok for 400 families celebrating their town fiesta, would it be reasonable for the caterer to deny my request for a sample on the ground that he is not obliged by any law to give samples? Good heavens, doesn’t the power of reason work these days anymore?

* * *

Marsha (de Santos), I’d rather historians answered your questions, but since you’ve been insistently confrontational on the matter of Ninoy Aquino’s political background, yes, he and the Godless Communist Party of the Philippines (CCP) banded together to resist the martial Law regime of Ferdinand Marcos. The dictator had CCP head Jose Ma. Sison and other Reds imprisoned for breaches of the Anti-Subversion Law. But when Cory rose to power she ordered them freed with the same fervor that saw NPA Chief Dante Buscayno being kept in the protective custody of the Aquinos. Now, the National Democratic Front, taking advantage of the prevailing so-called yellow fever, are demanding the release of all their comrades from detention as a pre-condition to a resumption of peace negotiations. Well, as the saying goes, what are they back in power for?

Yes, Mel (Cuevas), it’s also true the palace guards of President Cory once open-fired at a group of farmers who had come to see her. This happened at Mendiola Bridge where around 15 of the peasants were massacred. Refusing to take responsibility and showing no remorse whatsoever, the newly installed President Aquino inexplicably washed her hands off by calling the erring guards Marcos soldiers. Sad to say, Cory the simple housewife sometimes failed to use her revolutionary power correctly.

* * *

Like anything else, power, good or bad, is earthbound. Only divine power was, is and will always be. Remember that, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Your waning evil power will soon come to an end, possibly even before next year’s elections. Your haste to butter up to Cory’s followers with an offer to build her a monument at the Luneta is an obviously insincere ploy known to tyrants in distress. It’s too late for you to make amends to a nation you have mercilessly oppressed. You’ll be sentenced first, then you’ll know unbearable desolation after your hellish power has gone pffft!

(arnydolor@yahoo.com; Tel # 7106701, Cel # 09186449517)

Ms. Ninez Cacho-Olivarez

Publisher and editor-in-chief

Dear Ninez,

For your consideration, please.


Ronnie (Roy)

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