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Military Junta?

Military Junta?
Ronald Roy — May 14, 2014

I have long regarded UP Sociology Professor Randy David, Inquirer columnist and hard-nosed crusader for good government, as a columnist’s columnist. An impartial and sharp-eyed socio-political “critiquer” — if I may coin a word — Randy was the Concerned Citizens Group’s (CCG) frequent guest speaker in public fora at the height of the oust-GMA (Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) movement.
Parenthetically, the CCG was then led by the late DOTC Undersecretary Josie Trinidad Lichauco, the irrepressible militant who forged a tactical alliance with leftist organizations in a bold bid to oust GMA, and the equally patriotic Prof. David was among her most cooperative non-leftist confreres. The CCG would eventually be converted into the Concerned Citizens Movement, which is now chaired by CCG co-foundress Betina Legarda.
Randy’s last May 11 article titled “The normalization of corruption” was so thought-provoking I’d like to quote some of its highlights, with the hope that we can have a better understanding of the pervasive corruption our countless government officials and civil servants appear inextricably mired in.
The professor stresses that, anent the pork barrel scandals, the number of implicated legislators “is so incredibly large as to support the conclusion that, in this country, corruption has become the normal behavior and honest public service the exception. But, if corruption is illegal, how can it become normal? There are two possible explanations. One, corruption has come to be treated as an unalterable given, and so, except in cases of glaring abuse, the law turns a blind eye and tends to be lenient about it. Two, the corrupt themselves do not see their acts as criminal or immoral. The milieu in which they operate supplies them with the rationalizations, attitudes, and beliefs that insulate them from guilt or remorse. xxx These defensive maneuvers are called ‘techniques of neutralization.’ ”
He proceeds, “According to sociologists Gresham Sykes and David Matza, there are 5 common techniques of neutralization (read: rationalization/justification) for deviant acts, namely: 1) denial of responsibility, 2) denial of injury, 3) denial of victim, 4) condemnation of the condemners, and 5) appeal to higher loyalties.” Randy associates technique number four with the riposte that no one has clean hands, “in which the corrupt try to regain the moral high ground by railing against the hypocrisy of those who condemn them.”
Seeing Randy’s dissertation as timely and enlightening, I hurriedly emailed him the query: “How do we get out of the box through non-violent means?” And he replied, “How do we get out of the box? The short route has been shown by South Korea, Singapore and China. It will surely be resisted here. The long route is via painstaking education starting at grade school, and the gradual eradication of mass poverty and ignorance through firm affirmative action by a strong and willful State”. Hmmm…two decades of excruciating patience!

In reply to a P-Noy-basher named Greta Gamboa, I think that all government officials implicated in the pork barrel scam are ostensibly guiltier, being the most accountable, than Janet Lim Napoles (JLN), even if she were the mastermind of the non-bailable heinous felony of plunder with which they have been charged. The reason for this is: as elected or appointed public servants, those implicated took an oath to uphold the laws of the land including those that require zealous stewardship over such public monies and assets as might come into their custody. JLN, a private citizen, never took such an oath.
In other words, this is one case where a criminal mastermind is not the guiltiest. In any event, I believe that whistle-blower Benhur Luy is the most credible and most deserving among all those aspiring for state-witness status. Besides, there are other unsettling things about JLN: the unconscionable enormity of her greed and callousness, her incredibly psychotic mindset that she owned government, and the dubious truthfulness of her “list” of kickback recipients which most observers view as easily self-serving.
Anent Greta’s other query regarding former Sen. Ping Lacson’s explosive warning of a “collapse of the senate” in light of a scandalously large number of senators being arrested, not to mention the rumored involvement of P-Noy himself in alleged connivance with Budget Sec. Butch Abad in PDAF/DAP transactions, yes, Greta, the President can quell the resulting chaos by cryptically ordering the military to stage a coup d’ etat against himself then, after a day or two, signaling the military to invite him to chair its junta until the time that he sees it fit to return the country to normalcy via regular elections.
Premised on an unlikely senate collapse, the afore-mentioned scenario will occur with America’s nod, consistent with the two countries’ mutual need for America’s military presence here as an imperative counterbalance against saber-rattling China.


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