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Merry Chdistmas

Merry Christmas
Ronald Roy — Dec. 24, 2013

Hello, dear Readers! Allow me first to state that, to abate some confusion among some of you, I am “not media” of whatever variety. I am not a journalist, and have never been a reporter or a bona fide member of the National Press Club. I am a lawyer and a non-practicing economist with a college degree in business administration. Over the past few years, ill health has rendered me virtually retired from professional work; albeit heaven-sent hobbies have come in handy to keep my juices on high gear, and writing happens to be one of them.
True, I could have chosen to spend my remaining years in the serene and luxuriant world of those hobbies, away from the tension-wracked environment where unjust conditions and practices remain stupefyingly rampant among the exploited underprivileged. But I did not, because my conscience would not allow me to have to justify my refusal to help those who need me most.
As an incurably visceral romantic, I could die on the spot listening to the breathtaking works of classicists like Mozart, Beethoven, Korsakov, Chopin and Rachmaninov, or those of pop greats like Porter, Jobim, Brubeck, Ocampo and Cayabyab. Again, as an incurably visceral romantic revved up by fervid political activism, I could keel over from a rifleman’s aim — a risk I have taken over the past ten years or so as a pro bono militant columnist and street parliamentarian, dedicated to the ouster of error-prone misfits from government.
As such, I confess to being an almost unforgiving political critic. And to all those I have badly bruised with my pen, like Madame Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Mr. Fidel Ramos and Pres. B.S. Aquino lll, I say: “I should have bruised you up a little more; yes, you, to whom ‘much (authority) has been given’, (and) from whom ‘much is therefore expected’. Assuredly, I can sleep much better as a scrupulous analyst who punishes at the offender’s slightest error.
“But please understand that by my articles I have never meant to be personal. Rather, I have always been motivated by the very same love of country that presumably pulsated in your hearts when you took your respective presidential oaths of office. Although I did not vote for any of you for president, I was impressed with your initial executive performances, only to be increasingly disappointed as you moved towards the ends of your terms.”
In your specific case, President Noy, I laud you for your “apparent” honesty and “ostensible” competence which, riding on the crest of your dazzling “daang matuwid” slogan that initially blew me away, started to lose luster when you showed your repressive character first, with your despotic ouster of a Chief Justice, then by your killing of the RH Bill and the Freedom of Information Bill, followed by those incriminating pork-related scandals, and lately by your highly publicized administrative booboos connected with the “Yolanda” disaster and the almost forgotten Zamboanga City siege by Muslim rebels. Well, I guess this is all I can credit you with: a performance luster that is fast vanishing.
There are two impossibilities here, Mr. President. One is that, having lost control of the proper use of your executive powers, you will “bounce back” with better performance for the remainder of your term, just like you recently bragged in Tokyo that the territories and compatriots ravaged by Supertyphoon “Yolanda” would rise again under your watch. The other is that you will resign…if only to save face…an event as impossible as Ricky Carandang quitting his post because of a reported lovers’ quarrel with Manolo Quezon. Hmmm… I wonder.
What obviously escapes your mind is that you have succeeded in making us feel that we have become your servants, and you our master, in an insidious trashing or reversal of the democratic dogma “kayo ang boss ko”. What obviously escapes your mind is that we, now your servants, have practically lost hope of finally experiencing the sovereign power that is ours by birthright as a people, a power that has long been withheld ironically by our own creation called “government”.
We thought we saw a silver lining breaking through the eastern clouds on June 30, 2010, from which descended a knight in shining armor, a warrior who would slay the dragons that perennially cause a nation to pretend it has been a nation for countless previous decades — the dragons of popular ignorance, and of unbridled power and greed by those who proclaim themselves to be our trustworthy sentinels.
Mr. President, we are tired of waiting for a miracle that will most likely never come from the high office we entrusted to you. But nothing prevents us from hoping that today, at least this Christmas Day, you have found it in your heart to bring Yuletide’s cheer to our devastated brothers and sisters in Zamboanga City, East Samar, Leyte, and other calamity-stricken areas in Central Luzon.
Mga kababayan, Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat! Kalimutan na muna ninyo si P-Noy!

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