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I Hope I’ Wrong

I have repeatedly stated my unwavering belief it is not the political system that guarantees a society of contented happy lives, but the very people who comprise that society. A political system,presidential or parliamentary, will work only if the citizens comprising it will make it work.

Even assuming we have the best minds installed in today’s three branches of government, it still will not work if they continue to govern with wanton greed. And if they don’t mend their ways, neither perhaps will the citizenry. Then, all will be lost, unless the House Speaker frustrates the ongoing Charter change (Cha-cha) moves. Speaker Prospero Nograles is the baton-wielding conductor whose control of the Cha-cha philharmonic symphony orchestra is under public scrutiny.

I hear that last Maundy Thursday, he justified before his father confessor his sin of betrayal of the people’s trust. He confided he would falsely assure them that it is they who would ultimately decide whether to go for Cha-cha or not. Heck, like it was they and not Garcillano who kept Gloria Arroyo in power?! In that confession, he also supposedly told the priest he would deny to the people he was involved in a deal whereby he would pave the way for a parliamentary shift in exchange for retaining the Speakership. A dastardly betrayal, yes, but who cares? Judas Iscariot is believed to have gone to hell for thirty pieces of silver. But Nograles is playing for higher stakes! He keeps the Speakership and still plans to go to heaven with a sincere confession before his last breath! Oh well, I hope I’m wrong.

* * *

Right after I wrote “Kiss of Death”, little did I realize that you, Mr. Chip Tsao of HK Magazine, had not been truly sorry for your racial slur calling Filipinos a nation of servants. I was to learn later that you had persisted with your undiplomatic insolence because, as you argued, there was nothing wrong with being servants since we are all servants of God. I therefore choose not to rest my pen and instead endeavor to prevent an idiot from stoking up a diplomatic row.

Mr. Tsao, will you find offensive the thought that you are more repulsive than a filthy and smelly leper, whose rotten flesh falls off all over the place? You should not. Lepers were the unsightly sick whom Jesus of Nazareth loved and healed by touching them.

You seem to rank way below the standards of decent journalism, Mr. Tsao, so I suggest you emulate public servants imbued with uplifting ideals, and not people with questionable habits of personal hygiene such as the late Chairman Mao Tse-tung. It is sad that your journalistic fervor flows not from a kind heart but from a tortured posterior. Again, if you find this offensive, I apologize for an intended comic relief.

One last thing: I resent your patronizing attitude by singing praises to Philippine democracy. Our democracy has been comatose the past nine years, sir, thanks to a greedy little despot whose legacy is a sort of democracy not of, not for, and not by the people, but over the people countless of whom are forced to seek employment in foreign places like Hong Kong! Hmm, you do have a slippery grasp of democracy! A word of advice, amigo. Don’t be in a hurry to visit us. I hear some enterprising groups cannot wait to treat you to a million-dollar tour of Sulu. I hope I’m wrong.

* * *

Gabriel Toledo wishes to know if I agree with Sen. Ping Lacson’s camp that the formal criminal complaint against him for the alleged murder of Bobby Dacer and his driver was prematurely filed because the complainants, the Dacer daughters, had yet to personally appear before the prosecutor to solemnly attest to the truthfulness of its contents. Gabby also wants to know how well or bad I think DOJ Secretary Raul Gonzalez is doing.

Secretary Gonzalez is doing a bad job, Gabby. If he knows the rule against premature filing of the complaint, but nevertheless caused its filing, he appears bent on persecuting instead of prosecuting Senator Lacson. On the other hand, if he is not aware of the rule, he is incompetent. Either way, he is an eccentric wheel in the justice system’s apparatus.

Furthermore, I’d like to call attention to an incident where Gonzalez demonstrated manifest bias against Lacson. Before media people, he recently held a photograph that showed a smiling Cesar Mancao. He then announced the tension-free smile could have only meant that Mancao, who had just signed his latest anti-Lacson affidavit when the photo was taken, was not under duress by the administration to perjure himself.

Now Gabby, if this is not mind-conditioning, I don’t know what is. At the same time, Gonzalez’s obvious eagerness to please his masters by damning Sen. Lacson makes him an absolute disgrace to the legal profession. In any event, what Gonzalez misses is the point that, by his haste to lick his masters’ hands, he portrays himself as an attack dog bent on ending the Senator’s crusade to send to jail the architects of corruption in Gloria Arroyo’s administration.

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