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Honorable Exit

Honorable Exit
Ronald Roy — October 3, 2013

When an edifice is on fire, people in the streets are horrified at the very sight of it. Each one is gripped with the fear that somewhere in the blazing inferno is a dear friend or relative. And the horror is magnified even more by the notion that the rush for the correct doors has been impeded by the anarchy of panic and cacophony.
Alas, it was the well-meant alarm fire! that ironically created the bedlam, the pandemonium of headless chickens aimlessly running circles in search of the “matuwid na daan”, or the escape route to survival, but to no avail!
Will they all be incinerated in the engulfing conflagration? Yes, they will. Is there no miracle that can save them? Of course divine intervention is always possible; but that unlikely occurrence should not be relied on, because the sovereign citizenry may yet come to their succor. However, dear Reader, that would be like waiting for the sun to rise in the west!
There is a limit to mercy where the citizens are themselves engaged in a struggle for their own survival as a nation. They have been routinely swindled, nay, raped by Janet Lim Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the catastrophic pork barrel scandal, and her cohorts who continue to mask themselves as “honorable” legislators. Hmmm…can anyone remember when in our country’s history there was a more horrific case of unbridled avarice among public servants?
At this stage, nobody knows how the pork scam will play out. While we stand aghast at passing events with varying conjectures, we nonetheless share a unifying outrage over having been robbed behind our backs by those we’ve trusted over the years.
Today, we are stunned by their chutzpah and effrontery, we swear “enough is enough”, and yet we remain helpless at the thought that their plunder of our cherished dreams will persist with impunity, because we fear that theirs is the indestructible machinery of systemic thievery, while ours is the meek virtue of patience whose reward will never come.
We are agreed that one-million-people marches must be sustained, and yet we sense our collective voice may not suffice to bring down a malevolent administration because P-Noy wields the power of wherewithal, the same weapon that enabled his malevolent predecessor to oppress a people for nine agonizing years. [We pause here to recall that Gloria Arroyo’s entire reign was propped up by Fidel V. Ramos and, you guessed it right: Frank Drilon!]
Permit me now to address you, Mr, President. You are finished, exterminated, kaput, whatever, for the following reasons: 1) You are too bullheadedly proud to admit your errors; 2) You are surrounded by mediocre thinkers, particularly Sec. Florencio “Butch” Abad, your fair-haired boy who runs the Department of Budget and Management; and 3) You cannot deny the fact that you conversed on at least two occasions with then Impeachment Presiding Magistrate Juan Ponce Enrile and his then Senate Chief of Staff, Atty. Gigi Reyes, in order to insure the conviction of then S.C. Chief Justice Renato C. Corona.
Mr. President, Butch is Abad team player as he is unaware that when he stated the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) was introduced by the executive department in 2011 “to ramp up spending and accelerate economic expansion”, he actually implicated you by owning up to having committed Plunder (not to mention Bribery) through a misappropriation of state coffers.
You see, Mr. President, it is Congress, not your executive department, that has the exclusive constitutional authority to do this, per Article Vl, Sec. 24 of the 1987 basic charter.
Incidentally, dear Reader, authoritative sources disclose that the DAP consists of 72 billion pesos worth of savings of various line agencies. Whew! I wonder if Sec. Abad is aware that he was in effect saying those agencies chose not to use the largess to accelerate economic expansion — alas, the very raison d’être of the fund that he claims is existent but nobody remembers! Hmmm…like P-Noy the guy’s got a humungous credibility problem.
Anyway, back to P-Noy, the foolish commander-in-chief who is probably hoping the war in Zamboanga erupts anew, or another armed conflict flares up elsewhere, so he can scrounge for pogi points to polish his tarnished image, given the following monumental headaches.
1) Janet Napoles is so knowledgeable about the intricate details of the scam that she is in a position to strike with P-Noy a deal whereby she will undertake to protect him and some of his allies while implicating opposition personalities, in exchange for being declared qualified to testify as a state witness or to avail herself of plea bargain privileges, thereby in either case benefitting through an exemption or reduction of criminal and civil liabilities.
2) Whether to continue giving pork to greedy solons in order to curry favour with them, thereby staying out of their impeachment radar.
3) Whether to do a Richard Nixon with his dignity intact, without fear of being impeached for Abandonment of Office.
It is seriously doubted, in fairness to P-Noy, that he will head for an honorable exit known to the valiant samurai of old.


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