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Ronald Roy — 2012 May 09
Corruption in our country has become such a deep-seated cultural malaise that nothing less than political will—in legislative craftsmanship, judicial statesmanship and executive law enforcement—can substantially reduce it through the coming generation or two; and that point of substantial reduction is reached when most Filipinos will not think of doing anything corrupt without cringing in shame or, having committed a corrupt act, will resign his public or private office or even take his life in a face-saving gesture of honor.
We must now get our act together for the sake of our children and grandchildren, and it is only parental leadership by example and hard-nosed supervision in every family household that can energize the needed moral revolution for the purpose. To be sure, the moral revolution should start on the family level, then spread out over neighborhoods, schools, parishes, civic organizations, etcetera, until all segments of society are covered.
Needed to state, the three branches of government must do their share as aforestated, not only in the assiduous discharge of their respective constitutional mandates, but also as exemplars of honesty and industry throughout the bureaucracy.
Bingle (Santamaria), obviously the foregoing prescription was not exactly what President Noynoy Aquino had in mind when he announced that his administration had licked corruption, albeit I must admit he was thunderously applauded by countless finance officers who attended the 45th annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank’s Board of Governors that was held two weeks ago at the PICC Plenary Hall, Pasay City.
I congratulate P-Noy for a well-crafted speech which he delivered quite persuasively. In fact, he sounded so authoritative that he almost had me believing corruption in this country was already a thing of the past—thanks to his governance style. Nonetheless, I will not chide him for naïveté, should that have been the case.
At the same time, however, let me pray that he gets to realize that wooing ADB and other foreign aids and investments is not exactly like wooing a woman, although in both cases there’s a bit of deception by way of putting the best foot forward and concealing negative foibles. Any deception with the best of intentions is forgivable, so I absolve him for his little white lie that corruption disappeared under his watch.
I fully agree, Bingle, that we should find it in our hearts to forgive one another, and that former de facto President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her cohorts should not be denied the benefit of this Christian practice. But forgiving them should not be taken to mean that P-Noy should pardon them—and I’m glad he has declared he would not do so—the same way she pardoned Erap Estrada.
You see, it was not in the spirit of Christian forgiveness that she pardoned Erap. It was a mix of trepidation from public reprisal and a sense of guilt that impelled her to extend executive clemency to someone whom she had planned even a year earlier to unconstitutionally boot out with the aid of a power-grabbing cabal headed by former President Fidel V. Ramos.
Let’s just put it this way. Whenever even the most sinful of us contritely seeks God’s forgiveness, he or she is sure to get it. But remember this: while the Lord’s mercy is boundless, His justice is also perfect. And let no one think that He deceives when, after absolving, He sentences the penitent to spend time in Purgatory. He is incapable of deception.
Who was it that said: “politics is addition”? For me, texter #4004, the definition is a political reality that sucks! I don’t think it’s healthy for an electoral democracy such as ours to allow a political party to admit new members of dubious moral character.
Well, I guess I’ll never develop the intestinal fortitude for a practice that can be blamed for the tumultuous sort of politics we’ve come to be known for, and that, incidentally, is one of the reasons I’ve never run for public office.
Take the case of those 230 recruits whom P-Noy recently swore into the Liberal Party. A cynical veteran politico told me that around 95% of them are political butterflies, opportunists and adventurists who believe that politics, like some born-again ministries, is a most lucrative tax-free business which, come to think of it, requires no capital investment except charisma and a talent for making promises.
Or take the case of former Congressman Migz Zubiri—erstwhile Secretary General of the reviled GMA’s political party and resigned senator whose election was annulled by the Senate Electoral Tribunal on petition by candidate Koko Pimentel.
His induction into the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino is regarded as an insult to countless citizens who feel that prevailing recruitment policies are geared to serving the interests of candidates and political parties over and above those of their constituencies.
Its selfish things like these, #4004, that delay the maturation of our democracy. It’s things like these, too, that now make me wonder if the UNA is the coalition to beat in the 2013 and 2016 elections.
The resumption of CJ Renato C. Corona’s impeachment trial was a disappointment because of delays which could have been avoided. Again, on the 35th day of trial, the prosecution panel was dressed down by the court a 35th time. Even the defense team did not escape the ire of Impeachment Presiding Justice Officer Juan Ponce Enrile who showed irritation over the defense’s testimonies that he deemed irrelevant and time-consuming.
But the 36th trial day surprisingly ended in a way that seemed to elate the senator judges, IPO JPE in particular, when the defense’s request for a 48-hour continuance in order to prepare for a confrontation between a number of complainants regarding that new US$10 million charge and the respondent himself, CJ Renato C. Corona. Yes, the CJ will take the witness stand!
An hour after adjournment, JPE called me up. He wanted to talk to defense counsel Judd Roy, so I gave him my son’s contact numbers. I don’t know what they discussed. One thing I know though: this earth-shaking development will not delay the proceedings, and the Chief Justice’s fate may well rise or fall on JPE’s chat with his marital godson. Feedback: http://www.musingsbyroy.wordpress.com | 09186449517 | Like us!: http://www.facebook.com/musingsbyroy

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