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Coup d’ etat

Coup d’ etat
Ronnie Roy, July 31, 2014

Dear friend, this is an off-issue comment on the ongoing coup jitters. In relation thereto, I wrote an article sometime back explaining how Pres. Benigno S. Aquino lll can extend his term of office through armed/violent means. No, I wasn’t referring to Martial Law(ML), the same being circumscribed by constitutional limitations, such as to scope of coverage, the means to quell “lawless violence” and ML’s duration. But there is another way, less messy, more coercive, and more durable: a coup d’ etat that is staged against the president by his own generals on his own orders.
In the above scenario, the yellow generals will invite him to chair their junta, which shall then govern the affairs of the state until — in his judgement — the time has come to restore political normalcy in the country. It should be plainly understood, however, that this “oplan” can occur only with the blessings of the US State Department.
I wrote this article in the hope that it would serve as a warning that P-Noy might just pull off something like this. If you love your country, kindly forward this to your friends. Thank you.

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