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Anak ng Dalampasigan

Anak ng Dalampasigan
Ronald Roy — 23 Sept. 2013

No, dear Reader, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the festering decades-old Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) problem is virtually terminated. Do not believe the wild yarn that the Palace and the MNLF will soon officially announce details of a forthcoming exchange of nuptial vows between Pres. Benigno S. Aquino lll and the renegade MNLF founder and chairman, Nur Misuari.
I do not know who started the scuttlebutt, but if we are to believe a usually reliable Palace insider, the President’s protracted stay in war-torn Zamboanga is not an amorous rendezvous with Misuari, but an imperative to end the raging conflict in his capacity as the country’s President and Commander-in-Chief. “The buck stops where I stand, and I assume total responsibility”, he declared before the nation.
On the other hand, let’s take a look at the mustachioed Nur Misuari (Misua, for short), who was born in a Sulu beach and grew up in that beach — which explains why he reportedly carries the swashbuckling nom de guerre “Anak ng dalampasigan” ( ala “Anak ni Palaris” and “The son of Zorro”).
Now, Misua will do well to heed a piece of unsolicited advice by discarding his nom de guerre, unless of course he does not really mind being called “son of a beach”. Yes, “son of a beach” does sound pejorative whichever way it is pronounced.
However, the problem the guy poses is not really a problem but a mere irritation like a fly in the ointment. Misua is a victim of a mental disorder characterized by the “kulang sa pansin” (KSP) syndrome which he has allowed to linger since his imagined exclusion from talks that led to the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement.
He has since bitterly vowed unmitigated vengeance in a bid to blare his much vaunted battle cry “ubusan ng lahi”, which roughly means: ” We Moros will fight Filipinos to the death!” One may call Misua’s affliction “megalomania” (a delusion about one’s own power or self-importance); but it is his cowardice that disables him from winning the war that he started in Zamboanga.
Yes, Misua is the coward who started that war last Sept. 9, but abandoned his fighting units to die or be wounded or captured by state forces. And he now seeks the aid of international conciliators to forestall criminal charges so he can pursue his agenda for the establishment of a Bangsamoro state or substate, or whatever. DUH!
Misua (wait, isn’t this a Chinese noodle?) is nothing but a cheap grandstander who enjoys the support of his friend and benefactor, former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, another KSP oddity who still hopes to be resurrected from the distant past. But first, let’s go deeper into history.
No sooner than housewife Corazon Cojuangco Aquino took her presidential oath of office replacing the ousted Ferdinand E. Marcos, that her husband’s brother, Butch Aquino, speaking in her behalf, telephoned Misua to persuade him to return to the country, more or less in this wise: ” Nur, my gentle brother, you may now safely return! As you must know by now, the dictator is gone. His Rebellion case against you is worthless. I beg you to come home, so that together with Ate Cory you can pursue common aspirations for a united and prosperous Philippines! ”
Well, the guy came back and ubiquitously strutted about like a martyred hero. The trouble is that all he dished out were hot air, braggadocio and grave threats of secession from the Republic. Meanwhile, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) came into being, allegedly as a runaway MNLF splinter group. Tensions grew.
As an act of appeasement, then Pres. FVR gave Misua around 2 billion pesos to develop depressed Moro communities. “It’s yours to spend, Nur, with no need for accounting.” Ha?! No accounting, Apo Eddie?! Sir, what or who authorized you to spend a single centavo of the public coffers without liquidation?!
“And by the way, Nur, about your massacre of over 50 Christian civilians, do not worry, my brother, for I have already forgiven you.” Ha?!
In any event, the swashbuckling son of a beach has never had it so good. Scores of innocent men, women and children have been killed or wounded, and houses and other structures razed to the ground in predominantly Christian Zamboanga City. Homeless families remain cramped in evacuation centers and tented roadsides subsisting on dwindling food and water supplies. Diseases have become the new insidious threats to life.
As of yesterday, September 22, the costs of rehabilitation had risen to an estimated 3.9 billion pesos. We now pause at this point to ask if it is just and fair to burden hand-to-mouth taxpayers with unmerited duty. Perhaps. But it will make better sense to shift to Misua and his backers the onus of restitution, and restoration to health and normalcy.
The son of a beach is a recidivist rebel who will be thrown in the slammer for life. He will continue to call on the global network of terrorists for succor, but we will show them we are willing to die for what is ours, unlike some Tausugs who kill for things that are not theirs.


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