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A Messy Aftermath

A Messy Aftermath
Ronald Roy — 28 March 2012
It is with some sense of duty to a newspaper, its readers, and to truth itself that a columnist worth his salt should courageously destroy long-held popular beliefs, knowing that by doing so he invites ridicule.
The Editorial of this paper’s March 19-25 issue titled Family Feud has given me one such challenge to redress the monumental falsehood that the dictator Ferdinand Marcos was the rapacious thief who “seized” the first integrated steel mill in Asia remembered as Jacinto Steel, Inc.
Well, Marcos did not steal the business. He ordered it foreclosed by a government bank— I think it was the Philippine National Bank— when the Jacintos failed to redeem it one year after they had defaulted on their loans. Then when martial law ended, revolutionary President Cory Aquino ordered the business returned to the Jacinto family after it ran to her lying that the strongman had grabbed the steel mill for his personal use.
Jesus “Sonny” Jacinto, nephew of Fernando Jacinto, the founder of the steel mill company, was the friend of Raffy Suarez, Jr. Raffy would eventually become my brother-in-law. He now lives the serene life of a Monk with the truth uncomfortably tucked under his habit.
For my part, I confirm the foreclosure on the mortgage. I stood only a few feet away when FM told some cabinet members that he had directed the bank to execute the foreclosure proceedings.
The bigger issue here is: whether history will give the fair judgment that Ferdinand Marcos was not the sort of monster that the world has been made to believe all these decades.
Some 25 years ago, I stood at the door of a 5th Grade classroom of a private school, and I heard the History teacher telling her pupils that Marcos stole a lot of gold and murdered a lot of people, and today these are what people below their 60’s know as the grisly history of the man.
Working well for the memory of Ninoy and Cory on the one hand, and against that of Ferdinand Marcos on the other, is the theory of Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, that: a lie, if repeated often enough, becomes a fact.
Where black and white images are juxtaposed, the black image, if deepened, will appear to make the white image whiter, and vice versa. This is what detergent promoters do to show that their brand beats all other brands in the market.
The illusional trick is simple: the more demonic Marcos is portrayed to be, the saintlier and more heroic his nemeses in Cory and Ninoy Aquino become. Like it or not, P-Noy, through no effort of his, is the beneficiary of this illusion.
In fact, it was as such a beneficiary that he was elected President in June, 2010. It has thus become to the great misfortune of CJ Corona that the lily-white Noynoy has chosen him to be his black nemesis. “Malas na lang,” the Chief Justice’s sympathizers must be muttering.
During the current six-week lull of the trial, the Chief Justice is progressively being made to look guiltier before the bar of public opinion. Note how P-Noy has augmented his arsenal consisting of his yellow mob, media strongholds, Lower House lackeys, the Land Registration Authority, the Anti-Money Laundering Committee, and now: the Commission on Audit.
Hmmm… might not the COA Commissioner be committing an impeachable offense here?! Lito Atienza is fuming and Fred Lim is dazed wondering if he got hit by anything!
In any event, getting back to our main story, I do not think P-Noy will bother to order an investigation of my “exposé” that: when his mother ordered the PNB to return the steel mill to the Jacintos, she committed a palpably unlawful and vindictive act unjustly enriching an undeserving family to the detriment of the government. I can almost hear P-Noy mumbling: “Bakit pa? Baka lumabas pa ang katotohanan!”
Tom (Abad), I’ve long believed that the next year’s polls will have a bearing on the Chief Justice’s trial, despite the fact that, on the basis of the evidence alone, he is headed for an exoneration.
There is no question, texter #0770, that the Impeachment Presiding Officer’s popularity rating has soared to a high 71% because of his even-keeled handling of the trial.
Like a true-blue jurist, he has often enough declared that the evidence alone would be the basis of the final verdict. But I sense that he fears this may not be so, because he has no control over his colleagues many of whom will run for reelection next year. I‘m even almost certain that among IPO Enrile’s quandaries is that his personal vote on the Chief Justice’s fate may not sit well with the majority of his colleagues.
Be that as it may, #0770, JPE can rest on his laurels at this stage because, already: his neutrality has gained the respect of the nation. All he needs to do from here on is to maintain that neutrality to ensure his son’s victory in next year’s senatorial polls.
You’re so right, Elisse (del Prado). In the event of CJ Corona’s conviction or acquittal, there will be a “messy aftermath”, as you put it. A conviction will not completely appease P-Noy, since he is determined to remove the other GMA-appointed associate justices. On the other hand, an acquittal will so enrage him he will resort to more drastic means, i.e., methods bordering on the extra-legal or even tyrannical.
But that should not surprise you at all, Elisse, given that P-Noy knows he has the mobsters’ support in his relentless tirade against corruption, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and the Chief Justice.
The thought is harrowing that P-Noy’s overwhelming invincibility is the largest threat to the Rule of Law. Our problem now is whether we can stop the madman from destroying democracy. Feedback: http://www.musingsbyroy.wordpress.com | 09186449517

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