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Working, loving and praying

Working, loving and praying

Ronald Roy

​People are debating over whether the world’s greatest pound-for-pound boxer of all time, Manny Pacquiao, should hang up his gloves while he’s still healthy. From where I sit, I think he was right in deciding to scale up the ladder to go for a ninth world crown. With his lopsided win over Antonio Margarito, Manny knows he would not be a true champion if he backed away from a chance to smash his own world record.

​All great champions dream of that elusive ego-inflating status as the greatest of all time, and Manny Pacquiao is no exception. He will go for a middleweight crown, then a tenth belt, and so on, until a loss finally takes him to the full measure of his mortality—and only then can he proudly say he tried his glorious best in the purest Athenean spirit. To be sure, motivating him is the certainty that additional crowns will make more remote the surpassing of his record, an event that is however inevitable.

​Humans have not stopped growing bigger, taller, more physically endowed in all respects; that’s why Manny’s record will be broken as in all other sports in the planet. He is Asiatic, and therefore of a smaller frame than his black and Caucasian counterparts, for instance, who can grow to be heavyweights. It will however take a very long time before Manny’s superhuman feat falls, especially if the record breaker starts as a flyweight like Manny did.

​Incidentally, Texter 5089, two eye doctors have confirmed my theory that Manny’s astonishing speed and punching accuracy are complemented by his uncanny ability to see his opponent’s movements in relative slow motion. As I wrote in a previous article entitled “Timing”, just as some can walk faster than others, smell better, feel more sensitively, taste and hear better, so also should some be able to see better than others.

​In his bout with Margarito, this unusual visual gift, coupled with his power, stamina, talent and other superlative attributes known to great athletes, pushed Pacquiao head and shoulders over other pugilists in such an incredibly persuasive fashion that a coward named Floyd Maywheather Jr. may very well have decided to confront the Devil himself rather than Manny. But as we say goodbye to Maywheather– who once called Manny a drug user from an “obscure island in Manila”—let us wish him all the best when he decides how he’d like to be remembered: as an un-bruised national shame or a disfigured American Idol.


Look, Texter 4117, WOW Philippines was nothing but one
embarrassing misrepresentation, no thanks to end-of-the-world calamities, heinous massacres, gang rapes, assassinations, road accidents, kidnapping, etc. What makes you think a new sobriquet will work? Don’t you think working, loving and praying hard is the secret?


​Texter 4985 says that since Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago derives her mandate directly from the national electorate, she can be disciplined for misconduct—in re a senator’s veto power over the acts of the Commission on Appointments—only by the national electorate. This is not correct. The Senate’s Ethics Committee has not only the exclusive authority but also the duty to discipline motu propio erring members of the chamber by any means it sees fit, even by expulsion.

​The senate is hallowed grounds for citizens who seek from it legislative succor in these times of socio-political and economic distress and certainly Sen. Santiago’s name-calling binge against fellow public officials—low IQ, smug, corrupt, sycophantic, etc.—does not inspire belief that she deserves her electoral mandate. That binge was likewise so gross nothing less than an apology—definitely not the restraint and compassion she condescendingly offered—will appease those whom she insulted.


​I had underscored in past comments that, the huge problems left by the previous regime notwithstanding, President Aquino would not be needing a Superman or an Albert Einstein to jump-start the mighty change the people had elected him to effect, provided he would lead by example in the main areas of frugality, industry, honesty and an uncompromising stand against tax evaders and corrupt government people.

​Well, it’s gratifying to note we are seeing a spectacular jump-start in the business environment of foreign exchange and investment innovations, such as assurances that there would be “no backroom deals”, and that investments would be protected under the mantle of our rich natural resources. I can understand the political opposition’s perfunctory reservations on P-Noy’s bold initiatives, but this time I believe they should cooperate with the administration for the sake of the country. His 80% approval rating demands no less.

​Noynoy Aquino’s totally unexpected rise to the presidency, brought about as it was by a mystifying confluence of events, confirms the mystery that divine plans are often unfathomable. It can thus be appreciated that we are now all where we had not figured we’d be, and may soon see the silver lining we thought might never come.

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