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Will P-Noy Fall out of Grace?

Will P-Noy Fall
Out of grace ?

Ronald Roy

I apologize for my strong remark about “personal gratification” being the reason why officials of government financial institutions and other government agencies help themselves to unconscionable salaries and perks. I’m sure though Landbank’s officials can justify their total compensation packages (TCP).

When Presidential Decree 251 authorized Landbank to engage in commercial banking operations—in order to generate its own revenues to finance its agrarian reform mandate—it has since found it necessary to periodically adjust its TCPs in order to compete with such banking giants from the private sector like Metrobank and BDO. Mea culpa, Gilda Pico et alios!

* * *

Rear Admiral Feliciano Angue created his problems by washing dirty linen in public, his good intentions notwithstanding. He chose to diminish his professional standing instead of upgrading it with quiet dignity. He has thus provoked our wonder how he, with an ostensibly insubordinate and self-seeking nature, got those two stars on his shoulders in the first place.

It really does not matter whether his gripe (that he was not promoted to three-star rank) is well-founded or not, because it is the very public airing of the gripe that makes the exercise at least unethical. He should therefore consider himself lucky if he escapes with a mere slap on the wrist.

Mr. Angue has forgotten that the standards of military deportment are more exacting than those observed in the other areas of the government service. In any event, he has our assurance many of us hold him on a level of esteem that is not home to some of those clowns and cheats in Congress who, most likely, would be the first to “hide under the bed” (to borrow a phrase from the late Louie Beltran) if the country came under attack.

He can also derive some comfort from our respect for all his uniformed colleagues who have been trained to look death in the eye at any moment’s call, only to wonder how their spouses and children can move on after they breathe their last in the field of combat.

It must then be seriously asked why a soldier’s patriotism is sometimes lost on us unless we see a white cross marking his simple grave. This much I can say about Rear Admiral Angue with whom countless of his countrymen commiserate.

Let us thank him and wish him all the luck he’ll need before his superiors pronounce that verdict which, either way, will direct the course of what remains of his otherwise untarnished military service.

Let us likewise pray his investigation will not erect the foundations of a cover-up of the military’s involvement in felonious manipulations of election results, particularly the infamous dagdag bawas scheme that is believed to have enabled Gloria Arroyo to rob Ronnie Poe of 1 million votes to “win” the presidency in 2004.

* * *

Having stood his ground on his appointment of the controversial Hilario Davide as Chairman of the Truth Commission, President Aquino seems unperturbed by Senate President pro tempore Jinggoy Estrada’s well-intentioned caveat about the fitness of the appointee. It cannot now be said that the President will be entirely blameless in the event of any failure of the commission functioning under Executive Order No. 1.

He has been more than amply warned by scores of individuals that Davide is a dud, such a dud that Gloria Arroyo this early is already seen as virtually acquitted of all charges, instead of pressed to ponder how she’ll manage her life in jail.

Seeing Gloria Arroyo wearing a prisoner’s uniform, her hands wrapped around two vertical steel bars with an ID number flashed across her chest was, after all, the most dominant reason Noynoy Aquino was elected President.

In fact, it should by now have become obvious to the President that his unpopular choice was an unflattering message to his party mates that none of them could hold a candle to Davide in ability and probity. Someone should tell Noynoy that the commission’s task of fact-finding—probity being a given—is no big deal even for beginners in the practice of law.

Why Davide, of all people, who shamelessly served his benefactress with canine loyalty for nine agonizing years?! Why Davide, of all people, whose appointment casts a doubt on his appointer’s competence to run the highest office of the land?! This mystery remains unraveled.

It really is nobody’s business poking around to decipher a conundrum that relates to a presidential prerogative, except that the Hello Garci scandal that will be probed is one such scandal that rocks the foundations of our democracy, a scandal that should never ever be allowed to happen again.

Let me then predict: If Gloria Arroyo does not stand trial, or if she does but is acquitted of ANY crime attendant to her acquisition or perpetuation or abuse of presidential power, Noynoy Aquino will fall out of grace.

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