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Vox Die: Free Trillianes

Vox Dei: Free Trillianes
Ronald Roy

Aside from being a hauntingly beautiful aria from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway musical Sound of Music, NOTHING COMES FROM NOTHING for me marks the cornerstone of Julie Andrews’ career as a thespian and diva. For a theologian, it may suggest the awesome story of Creation, or for an atheist the reactionary theory of the big bang.
For me, NOTHING COMES FROM NOTHING also suggests a people’s philosophical proof of their God-given sovereign power barking out the divine command that soldier Antonio Trillanes be accessed to all the senatorial duties which the electorate of 2007 ordered him to discharge. If you cannot grasp this esoteric thesis, my dear readers, please bear with me as I struggle through the next 700 words or so.
Should Senator Antonio Trillanes be allowed to attend the regular sessions of the upper chamber? Absolutely. The doctrinal maxims Vox Populi Est Non Semper Vox Dei (the voice of the people is not always the voice of God) and Salus Populi Est Suprema Lex (the welfare of the people is the supreme law, i.e. even higher than the constitution) militate against the senator’s continued unjust incarceration.
The two Latin adages assert the very essence of the sovereign character or nature of a people feeling, thinking, aspiring and acting in a manner reflective of the sentiments of their MAJORITY (or plurality in appropriate cases). In a democracy, the majority or plurality rules while the minority takes a back seat.
In a democracy, the process that is employed to measure the majority or plurality is a national election that is free and honest. In an autocracy, only one person with absolute power is recognized, as it was in the case of ancient tribes and “nations”, and as it is likewise in the case of recent history (e.g. Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Idi Amin and you know who) where the ruler governs with corrupt and oppressive methods without a mandate.
If a national vote is obtained in any felonious manner that is contrary to the best interests of the people, the sovereign voice is stifled and the transgressors are punished. In this country, were the power grabbers in 2000 and the transgressors involved in the infamous Hello Garci scandal in 2004 ever punished? No, because the justice system was monkey-wrenched by a malevolent autocrat and her subalterns.
In the days of the biblical Noah, The peoples of the world opted to souse their lives in decadence, and all the transgressors were inundated by an angry God. They were sovereign, but their lifestyles were not at all pleasing to the Source of their sovereign prerogatives. God created his peoples sovereign. The sovereign nature of Filipinos is therefore an inherent God-sourced trait which our organic law recognizes since it affirms that “sovereignty resides in the people.”
It is free will, an aspect of our sovereign nature, that enables us to do what’s best for ourselves. Any choice we therefore make consistent with our welfare is deemed to be the choice of God (vox populi, vox Dei). Clearly then it is not always so (vox populi est non semper vox Dei), as when we collectively take a path detrimental to our welfare.
When in 2007 we gave detainee Trillanes a senatorial seat through an election, we actually voiced out a command that he be released so he could serve as a lawmaker, instead of being made to languish in jail for offenses not yet proven beyond reasonable doubt.
The vote we gave Trillanes likewise echoed our judgment that it was not right to punish him and his followers for resisting a reviled despot—an autocrat who had twice stolen our mandate, and who appeared to have done so in order to wage a wanton rampage on the national coffers as her program of government. And it mattered not then—as it should never ever matter—if we were correct in our perception. For we the sovereign had spoken, period.
In 2008 the Supreme Court dismissed his petition for freedom on the ground that granting the same would have posed security problems. In other words, the Gloria Arroyo court rendered a decision which it knew would contradict the sovereign stand already electorally expressed a year earlier.
It was then easy to understand why the magistrates of the last bulwark of democracy remained steadfastly loyal to the autocrat: They owed her their jobs, for one thing. But the political situation is now different because the autocrat is not in power anymore.
It is crystal clear therefore that the adamant refusal of the honorable members of Supreme Court to reverse themselves in the Trillanes case is uncalled for. It leaves no room for doubt that they either have a hazy idea of sovereignty, or are too proud to admit their error, or both. They ought to be reminded that it was the sin of pride that merited for the rebellious Lucifer and his followers the supreme penalty of reclusion perpetua at the scorching center of the earth.
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