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Torch at the Center

Torch at the Center
Ronald Roy

Let me stress just one last time that former President Erap Estrada is the best qualified to run this country for the next six years—based on the documented strength of his accumulated executive and legislative experiences. This I say not so much in the spirit of doing justice to one who was unconstitutionally evicted by an ungrateful power grabber nine years ago, as in the spirit of returning that power to the sovereign Filipino people who had resoundingly elected him their president in 1998.
Let me stress just one last time that I’ve never been a part of Erap’s media outfit, and therefore have never been hired or asked to write nice things about him since he became a mayor of San Juan up to the present, and that I’ve never asked him a favor nor ever have been granted one by him. I hope this puts to rest the persistent needling of some people that I campaigned for Erap whose lack of fortune at the polls would mean my getting nothing by way of a reward. I campaigned for him out of a conviction and a civic duty to get the right and deserving man to show the evil regime the exit door.
The elections may be generally perceived as over at this stage–barring the intrusion of divine justice of course— thanks to the premature grandstanding not only of winners and “high-fiving” officials from the Comelec and Smartmatic, but also, can you believe, to the diplomatic breach by US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. In the latter’s case, can anyone pray tell me what standards of diplomacy brought the black diplomat to pay a courtesy call on Noynoy Aquino to congratulate him even before his official proclamation by Congress? In fact, Mr. Thomas had previously congratulated President Arroyo, barely hours after the polling places closed at 7 the night of May 10, for what he judged as fast, clean and honest elections. Now the Ambassador is an IT specialist!
Mr. Thomas’ imprudent behavior, presumably scripted by the US State Department, may thus be regarded as a message that Noynoy Aquino is the new American stooge, a not-surprising development that certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth of our American-managed democracy. As far as I know, a foreign diplomat is supposed to promote fruitful relations and goodwill between his country and the host country, but never ill will by interfering in the internal affairs of the latter. We are outraged, but what can we do but the usual nothing? Such is our pathetic fate as the little brown brothers of the big gringos who have taken us for patsies since time immemorial!
Be that as it may, as Sen. Noynoy Aquino stands on the threshold of the presidency, he will do well to ask himself why and how he got to that threshold. This he can do by remembering his courageous mother who died as she led a nationwide movement to resist a tyrant, and that it is now to him that her torch is passed.
He will also do well to draw fortitude and humility from the growing suspicion that President Erap Estrada was massively defrauded precisely to enable Representative Gloria Arroyo to go for the Speakership without having to deal with what could yet be, by divine grace, a formidable and vastly superior Erap presidency. She knew she’d have to get Erap out of the way. If you don’t believe this, ask Ronaldo Puno. God forbid the devastating day Speaker Gloria Arroyo commences mobilization of her forces to pave the way for a constituent assembly or a constitutional convention!
For after that day, President Aquino can begin to fear that everything consistent with her pursuit of perpetual power will be academic. And after that day, the dawn of a new political system shall herald the rule of Prime Minister Gloria Arroyo, with Benigno Aquino III standing behind as a mere ceremonial President, and with concerned citizens back in the streets to retrieve anew their stolen hopes and dreams.
Fail not, Senator Noynoy. Let not this day come to pass. This very moment you must start looking over your shoulders, for already “patriotic” and sweet-talking Benedict Arnolds, Judas Iscariots and power brokers swarm around you. Keep that torch aflame until your job is done six years from now.
Always carry the torch at the political spectrum’s center, where the view is broadest and the execution of laws is fairest. Heed the clamor from the left and right of this center, but get tough with the armed radicals saber-rattling at the opposite ends. Godspeed!
(Email: arnydolor@yahoo.com, cell # 09186449517, landline # (02)7106701)

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