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The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse
Ronald Roy

The analogy would be far from perfect, but if I dwelt on a bit of Homer’s Iliad, the Greek epic poem, I would liken our honorable Supreme Court to a Trojan horse out to secretly overthrow President “P-Noy” Aquino. Like the beautifully wrapped mythical horse, there it is: A college of 15 Trojans so handsomely shrouded in majestic black robes that beholders would gawk in reverential awe before the so-called last bastion of democracy.
Betcha by golly wow! Awesome! When the Trojan college neighs: “That’s it, P-Noy, that’s the law, follow it like a good little boy, and that’s final, okay!?” And final it is—as the judicial process would have it—leaving P-Noy limp in a dilemma, what with other GMA-led Trojans everywhere gearing up for his rapid fall from power. Or so they think!
For under the rules of the same democracy, P-Noy’s congressmen and senators have a retaliatory remedy, albeit extremely remote, in impeachment: the only constitutional way of removing Supreme Court Justices from office. Impeachment, although lacking in justifiable basis under current circumstances, nonetheless underpins a strategic threat of a potential Homeric conclusion between democracy and its enemies.
The funny thing is: what cannot be avoided is the usual scenario of two opposite sides proclaiming themselves as democracy’s champions. Ha ha ha…here we go again…the winners, either way, will be the self-proclaimed democrats ironically permitted under a shared Rule of Law to perpetuate an ailing democracy!
Anyway, the big difference is that the Iliad is fictional epic poetry while our political setting is so real-life it gives P-Noy a tentative cutting edge, scintillating in the lingering glow of a recent 71 percent popularity rating. A situation like this brings to mind the fundamental that, in any polemic struggle for hearts and minds, it is propaganda that usually wins the war, one which P-Noy is expected to wage from the ramparts of the underprivileged.
His tactical maneuver is actually simple: Fight his heart out for the poor—bloodied and bruised—against the high and mighty Trojan elitists, and be rewarded with sovereign loyalty. For often in real life is celebrated the sentimental tradition that the sweetest triumph belongs to the underdog, not to mention the wise-money assurance that P-Noy’s truculence is known never to have faltered. * * *
Don’t look now, but the Truth Commission has buckled down in apparent defiance of the high court’s pending ruling on the petition by GMA’s congressional allies questioning the constitutionality of the commission’s creation under Executive Order (EO) 1. It’s a gutsy move by the fact-finding body that should gain popular support. My personal irritation here, however, is that it is headed by former Chief Justice Hilario Davide, a perceived stalwart of GMA’s Trojan horse who has been excoriated for opportunitism and incompetence by countless critics.
Davide will find it difficult to shake off the suspicion that he downgraded the President when he said: “The President has only administrative authority, not prosecutorial powers, over the Department of Justice (DOJ)”. Excuse me, Mr. Chief Justice, what gobbledygook is this? Do you mean that if the Chief Executive—who can concurrently discharge the office of the DOJ Secretary pending, for instance, the appointment of someone thereto—refuses to affix his imprimatur to all prosecutorial pleadings and other related documents requiring his participation, he is powerless to lead the prosecutorial service that the law lodges in that department?
How then can the prosecution of a criminal case proceed in court without his signature approving the Information that is needed to indict the accused? For that matter, how can there even be an arraignment without his active participation? Tell you what, sir—and please correct me if I’m wrong—don’t you think that without the participation of the President acting as concurrent DOJ Secretary the prosecutorial service of the State will grind to a halt, thereby opening wide the door to his own impeachment for palpable violation of the constitution?
​It is of course silly to expect the President to physically attend to the prosecution of a case in court. Under the law, he has any of a long line of DOJ prosecutors to tap for the purpose, such as an undersecretary pending the appointment of a Secretary of Justice. The prerogative of non-participation is exclusively his, an option that no wise means he cannot assert his prosecutorial personality should he wish to do so. In fine, this prerogative is constitutional as it comes with his being the head of the executive branch.
​ Mr. Chief Justice, you quit your United Nations post to campaign for P-Noy and was rewarded by him with a job. Is it not then true you are Gloria Arroyo’s Trojan commissioned to secure her inglorious cakewalk to freedom? Remember that Trojan tactics are as old hat as the sunset, and that betrayal (of P-Noy in this case) has never paid since Judas Iscariot’s folly. (Email: arnydolor@yahoo.com, cell # 09186449517, landline # 7106701)

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