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Sucking bad, worse, worst!

Sucking bad, worse, worst

Ronald Roy

​Texter 4173, what sucks real bad is Assistant Communications Secretary Mislang’s tweeter diatribe against the Vietnamese people in general, and against their alleged lack of good wine, good-looking guys and safe streets in particular.

​A faux pas of this magnitude is virtually unpardonable if committed by an invited guest at a State dinner against the host country. It is also a breach of all norms of patriotic deportment against the offender’s own country because it passes off his countrymen as ill-mannered. Does Mislang have to be reminded that common sense is the fountainhead of good conduct? She should consider herself fortunate that common sense was not around when her grave misconduct was adjudged as playful mischief.

I was once told the President is such a “Christian forgiver” that it was only natural for him to forgive Mistral. If this is true, P-Noy may already have so redefined his role as the State’s chief disciplinarian as to betray a serious measure of unfitness for the highest office. It is no tongue-in-cheek that he may yet consider releasing all felons from prison as an act of Christian forgiveness.

​If the shocking condonation of her indiscretion—bordering on the saber-rattling sort–is any indication, P-Noy may yet find himself deluged by a billion questions why he chose not to take the “tuwid na landas” by turning his eyes away—assuming he does—from the past regime’s electoral frauds and unconscionable raids into the public coffers. Corollary to this growing fear is what appears to be his failure or refusal to see Gloria Arroyo’s palpable obsession to become prime minister—an eventuality people had discovered to be in her woodwork long before she cleverly demoted herself to representative.

​As leadership by example runs from top to bottom of the leadership ladder, it is indubitable Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang’s pampering tap on Mislang’s wrist sucks worse than his subordinate’s diplomatic gaffe. Needless to state, what sucks worst is the President’s cursory dismissal of the breach as “very minor”, because it shows him up as unprepared for the leadership role entrusted to him by 15 million Filipinos. It should be wondered if Benigno C. Aquino III is aware he is his country’s epitome of public decorum, very especially when standing on the podium of international attention.

​Given the gracious Vietnamese hosts’ outstandingly nonplussed comportment while at the receiving end of a social affront, our three officials may have overlooked the humbling fact that our Asian neighbors have shown greater post-war resiliency by outpacing us not only in development, but also in good manners. Nakakahiya.


​As to your other point, 4173, it’s clearly established President Aquino’s agenda of change is top-billed by the country’s urgent need to return to the rule of law, after which should follow a cascade of those reforms on which to rebuild a shattered nation. In this respect, however, I see P-Noy’s administration as commencing in the wrong direction.

​His overall demeanor gives me a sick feeling that—the “reopening” of unresolved corruption scandals notwithstanding—P-Noy will renege on his electoral covenant to send to jail all the previous regime’s top crooks, especially the topmost, whether or not legitimately elected or appointed, and of whatever physical size and gender.

​It seems President Aquino is the only one who has not seen through Arroyo’s grand scheme for perpetual glory. Others have, by just connecting two dots, viz, one: soon after she was elected to congress, she announced she would support a move to shift from the presidential system to a parliamentary form, gaining in return P-Noy’s tacit endorsement through his deafening silence, two: GMA recently got a whopping P2.2B in pork, fueling speculation this was the largesse she would need to insure her cakewalk back to numero uno—the Palace this time openly defending her right to the loans she had allegedly previously obtained from Japan for the infrastructure needs of her province. These then are loans which all Filipinos, including those worse off than her province mates, would eventually be burdened to repay.


Sometime back, retired Army Colonel Allan Sollano was so sick he decided that before his time came to face God, he would make a clean breast of what he knew about what he described as an intentional bombing—i.e. not an accidental methanogenic explosion of the Makati Glorietta Mall 2 basement that killed 11 people and wounded countless others on Oct. 19, 2007.

​His forthcoming testimony before the authorities should clinch the case for theoreticians who have long believed the explosion was intentionally set off to shift public attention from the scandalous NBN-ZTE deal that implicated the powers that be.

​Additionally, the evidence should overwhelmingly show the heinous crime could have been carried out only by explosives and ordinance experts from the Army whose Commander-in-Chief then was Gloria Arroyo. This could be it for you, Gloria. Your move, Mr. President!

(Email: arnydolor@yahoo.com, cell # 09186449517, landline # 7106701)

Note: This is the final version for publication by leave of the publisher and editor-in-chief. Thank you

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