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Ronald Roy — July 31, 2014

My answer to Sigrid Sullivan — a Political Science senior from a Connecticut university, here for a month’s visit with his parents — is: “Yes, Sigrid , ours is a democracy just like yours, but only in form, not quite in substance. Our basic charter, statutes, the three branches, institutions, elections, due process and the rule of law, among other features, are hewn largely out of the American model.”
And I agree with the young man’s view that, although our copy is not operating as well, it can be improved on — but only by a determined citizenry willing to resort to extreme measures as a last recourse, precisely to recover the sovereign power that had been abusively usurped by its leaders.
I describe Sigrid’s concept of democracy as “Lincolnean”, or hard-core, because it underlies the very essence of a people’s inherent and inalienable power to engage in the pursuit of happiness, and to zealously guard against its curtailment with a willingness to die for their country. This power is called sovereignty, and Sigrid subscribes to our basic charter’s solemn assurance that it resides in the people who ultimately decide things, not their government, functionaries or bodies like the Senate Finance Committee.
The other week, we were happy to see that committee being convened to investigate how that pursuit of happiness was curtailed in the DAP fiasco. Well, we would be aghast at discovering the committee found no such curtailment! Instead, the committee’s scripted seven-hour charade of questions and answers brazenly showed that — hold your breath — the citizens benefited from the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program, thanks to the benevolence of Palace lackeys headed by Sen. Pres. Franklin Drilon, DBM Sec. Florencio Abad and Finance Sec. Cesar Purissima! These three hombres are now viewed by some quarters as the unholy triumvirate that designed and implemented the hellish DAP, as ordered by the balding Malacañang occupant who butters their bread.
At bottom, nakakahiya talaga that it took a 20-year-old American student to discern why and how our democracy had gone awry, unlike our legislative and executive officials who are too happily DAP-drenched in greed to see the wreck they’ve been making out of our three branches of government. Sigrid was sorry he had to return to Connecticut before the SONA of Pres. Aquino, but said he would keep tabs on developments before fleshing out his paper on “Philippine Politics”. His parting shot to me was: “Wow! Your executive and legislative branches, at war with the Supreme Court! What a holocaust! Sir, your country must act soonest!”
No, my crystal ball did not promise any quick solutions to their avarice as they gathered in a joint session of Congress to cheer and applaud, a fifth time, their balding benefactor’s hour-and-a-half-long “kawawa naman ako” speech. I yawned as P-Noy routinely ticked off self-serving facts and figures, punctuated by a passing mention that he had been shot in the back during a coup against his mother, along with a poignantly dramatic disclosure that this near-fatal episode had long become the soul of his political creed that “the Filipino is worth fighting for” — a bit maudlin, really, but very effective with his assembled listeners.
Pres. Aquino, who belongs to a clan of good speakers led by his late eloquent father, so outdid himself he was interrupted numerous times with applauses cum two standing ovations. I believe he was at his best ever before a microphone. Time will tell though if his fifth State of the Nation Address last July 28 was a masterpiece of sophistry in Tagalog, pending verification of some facts and figures or, better still, pending historians’ verdict on his presidency.
Within the Batasang Pambansa reigned the austere atmosphere of royalty, basked in by hypocritical Yellows who have not only illicitly enriched themselves with PDAF and DAP money, but also prodded the balding speaker to muster greater sophistry in pronouncing the verdict himself, and ensuring, well, what else but: greater enrichment for his allies in his last two years in office?!
But no, a truthful verdict can never come from him and the same cabal of cabinet and legislative thieves who assembled at the Batasan to sing alleluia to their benefactor, and not only to exculpate themselves but also to declare themselves as honest and self-sacrificing heroes! Holy macaroni, they are all guilty of culpable violation of the constitution, betrayal of the public trust and other high crimes!!!
As the gowned and barong-ed political elitists hoodwinked the mamamayan with thunderous applauses and, later on, with joyous high fives and ear-to-ear grins, outside the building raged the protest of thousands of the same mamamayan who braved heat, rain, truncheons and water canons to ventilate the true state of the nation in unemployment, underemployment, crippling taxes, soaring prices of basic commodities….SONAmagan!


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