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Shut up, or else!

Shut up, or else!

Ronald Roy

​I recently found a piece of paper clipped onto my windshield. It bore a note that read: “Stop your bad lies or else im a army crack ofcer.” It was either a threat or a prank from a crack shooter, a crackpot, or a crank. Whatever it was, I found the hand-printed message more amusing than worrisome because of the comic relief its unusual grammar brought on a muggy day. Anyway, I’ve got more bad lies for the note maker regarding the 2007 Glorietta 2 basement explosion that took the lives of 11 innocent victims and wounded over a hundred others.

​In my comment last time around, I opined that the detonated explosion theory was a great deal more credible than the methane blast theory in the search for evidence relative to the mind-blowing question of whether the massive destruction of lives and property was the handiwork of terrorists, or of military personnel ordered to shift away from public focus the scandalous NBN-ZTE deal.

​What devastates, outrages and incites to insurrection is the fear that a reopened investigation will only be controlled or influenced by the massacre’s brains and their henchmen. However, I will not mind being that quixotic fool who hopes these vermin and scoundrels will submit self-incriminating evidence.

​Better even is a witness who is not a fool whose courage to speak up comes from a blessed fear of God, someone whose name is Allan Sollano, a retired Army colonel, who has declared under oath that the blast was no methanogenic accident but the result of a detonated explosive–known to contain certain chemicals found in bombs—which the military is the only authorized user of.

​Sollano’s dilemma was therefore clear: whether or not to speak up against the military establishment. As head of the Army Explosives and Ordnance Division team that investigated the explosion, he gathered at the basement the chemical evidence: RDX, a component of C4 which is a type of explosive. He had been ordered to shut up on his conclusions…or else.

​But then just recently Sollano felt he would die from such a serious illness he decided to break his silence in preparation for his confrontation with God. Apropos to this is a Christian belief that atonement of sins should take place as an act of contrition, and certainly a public baring of his technical appreciation of the truth would be in accordance with that belief.

​Jurisprudence, no less, measures high the credibility of a statement coming from one in articulo mortis (at the point of death). Sollano thus feels better now after submitting to the authorities a sworn statement covering his findings on the bomb blast. His credibility deserves a reexamination of official findings by foreign investigators that the explosion was not caused by terrorists or other lawless elements, but perhaps even by a cigarette spark igniting a highly compressed mass of methane gas that normally builds up inside sewers.

​Sollano, an expert on explosives, however says it will take much more than a cigarette spark to trigger a methanogenic combustion. Besides, he suggests the recorded incidence of such combustions around the world is virtually nil compared to C4 bombs that are manufactured in great abundance to meet the requirements of armed conflicts all over the world.

​It should be noted that the entire planet is such a massive maze of sewers and septic tanks–one for practically every place where people live, work, play, etc—that one wonders if the blast in the magnitude of the Glorietta 2 variety was the first ever anywhere.

​Personally, I would suggest that the participation of foreign investigators and bomb experts was cleverly calculated to elicit friendly and politic findings for the consumption of our government.

​It was then not surprising that an accidental blast from the mall’s sewers became the conclusion of foreign experts. Surely, they must have guarded against making such undiplomatic statements as would have suggested we Filipinos bombed ourselves for whatever political reason, or we were incapable of defending ourselves against terrorists and other lawless elements.


​P-Noy deserves our congratulations for one: Standard and Poor’s upgrading of our credit rating that has made us a more attractive place for foreign investments, two: Japan’s investment offer worth $5.45 B, and three: the holding sway still at high levels of his approval and trust ratings.

​It’s a good start, an exemplary indication of his administration’s prudent management of funds—certainly in stark contrast to his predecessor’s profligacy. However, foreign reserves and investments are not by themselves ultimate objectives. But they do open wide the doors: first to employment, then to entrepreneurial opportunities. There is no reason we will not see a brilliant silver lining after two painstaking terms, or 12 years from now, just like it took Manny Pacquiao’s 12 painstaking rounds to reach a new plateau.

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