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Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis?
Ronald Roy — March 3, 2014

Some time after Jesus ascended to his Father, the Romans’ persecution of Christians escalated, prompting Peter to plan an escape from Rome. It was at this point when a booming voice resonated from above: “Pietro, quo vadis?” (Peter, where are you going?)
It was clear the Lord wanted Peter to remain in the city where his leadership was most needed for evangelization, and for inspiring and comforting his fellow oppressed Christians. And so he stayed in Rome until he was arrested and crucified the way he requested: upside down.

The Philippine Military Academy
And you, PMA, quo vadis? Over time, you have to admit you have lost much luster and honor. Your public image is a pathetic tale of service for the politicians instead of for the people (e.g., the coaptation of Class ’78 by the then spurious president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo), and of corrupt practices (e.g., the infamous cases of Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia, the “euro-dollar generals”, the “pabaon generals”, and other officers involved in felonious activities like smuggling, gunrunning, the prohibited drugs trade, for-hire murders, robberies, etcetera.
Based on the published circumstances surrounding PMA Cadet First Class Aldrin Jeff Cudia’s dismissal, the young man deserves a second chance. For one thing, his dismissal, which I denounce as cruel, may well deprive the military of what could be outstanding service from someone who had merited his way to graduation as the salutatorian.
There are moral nuances that pervade the act of lying for which Aldrin was dismissed. They range from the necessary and innocuous white intentions, to the absolutely depraved ones. For instance, if asked by a neighbor if I knew her husband was having an extra-marital affair, I would say NO, even if I knew he was, in order to protect their marriage and family from a potential disaster. But if I told a woman her spouse was fooling around when in fact he was not, then I would be the author of an immensely condemnable lie.
The PMA’s Code of Honor should not classify a lie, per se, as a basis for dismissal without an exhaustive deliberation. And the test should be: How much malice, if any, was in Aldrin’s heart? If this cannot be measured with reasonable exactness, he deserves to be restored in good standing. Otherwise, a grave injustice may ruin the future of a crestfallen young man, who chose soldiery to serve his country with a willingness to die defending it.
C’mon, PMA, let’s not have a manic commitment to truth. Tell me, is scalping Aldrin Jess Cudia your way of redeeming your once lustrous image? Don’t you think it is a better idea for you to launch a concerted campaign for the rapid prosecution and conviction of those mistahs who have besmirched your good name?

Pres. B.S. Aquino lll
Quo vadis, Mr. President? Talk is rife that you will go for an extension of your term of office, via a constituent assembly’s charter change of some economic provisions. And supposedly, because that is such a crude and hackneyed idea, a Plan B may be used to pave the way for your sister Kris’ candidacy for president in 2016 and, waiting on the wings, a Plan C for your nephew Sen. Bam Aquino, and such other Plans as may be necessary to perpetuate the exaltation of the Aquino-Cojuangco dynasty.
Mr. President, Plan B is an obvious launching pad for Kris’ political career, if the new 15-minute Monday-to-Friday ABS-CBN TV program,”Aquino and Abunda Tonight”, means anything. And why not? Isn’t the nation’s presidency the birthright of the elitist ruling class?! It just would not make sense to share it with ornery mortals outside that class, would it?! “kadirs!”…’di ba?!
A piece of unsolicited advice, Sir: Please reconsider. Do not tempt Fate. Take to heart the Gospel of last February 25 that warns that: those who endeavor to be FIRST shall be LAST, including, if I may add: their elitist endorsees or appointees. Wouldn’t you rather quit while ahead, than suffer an ignominious fall resulting from a “daang baluktot”? So, again Sir, quo vadis?

Et Tu, Pilipinas?
And you, Philippines? Quo vadis? As far as this paper’s publications are concerned, there does not appear to be a safe pathway for you to progress. In fact, what clearly lies ahead of your chosen direction is a precipice. Your problems are moribund, most of which result from your leaders’ craving for being served, instead of for serving as the public servants they swore to be.
But let me just do some forecasting. The Supreme Court will declare constitutional the Disbursement Acceleration Program — a victory for the administration presaging the ratification of a below-the-belt statute giving birth to a Bangsamoro Republic. Then, all hell will break loose. And that, mahal kong Pinas, is one sure way to the precipice.

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