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Power of the Ballot

Power of the Ballot
Ronald Roy — 2013 May 1

It’s electoral mayhem once again! The Nationalist People’s Army (NPA) renegades are having a field day extorting permit fees from candidates who wish to campaign in “their” territories. Three weeks ago, Gingoog City Mayor Ruth Guingona, the wife of former Vice President Teofisto Guingona and mother of TG Guingona, was ambushed after attending a town fiesta.
She survived, but two of her escorts were killed, prompting Pres. Noynoy Aquino to issue an order to “hunt the attackers down”, despite their apologies to the wounded lady city executive and their promises to make good their liability for all damages incurred by them.
The hunt order was of course as perfunctory as the President’s assurance his administration “has not closed the door on the revival of peace talks with the CPP-NPA-NDF rebels”, numerous of whom are his co-workers in government now seemingly averse to the taking up of arms against the government. But this is not so, because a communist is so ideological that he will always be a communist.
A growing number of the people are in fact beginning to doubt P-Noy’s peace-forging intentions, given the unrefuted fact that his father, Ninoy, was the “spiritual head” of the Communist Party of the Philippines and one of the founders of the NPA.
It sends a shiver down my spine, and irritates me no end, when dealing with the sense that the CPP-NPA-NDF (National Democratic Front) structure will be around a very long time disturbing our national life in all its eco-socio-political aspects; and it would be somewhat relieving to think that, who knows, maybe one day P-Noy will get to be convinced his father was largely to blame for the Maoist scourge still ripping across the land.
The rise of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communism in our country was what the autocratic Ferdinand E. Marcos warned the nation against, and the famous American psychic, Jeanne Dixon (1904-1979) would in fact predict that “Marcos would prove himself right.” Well, dear reader, there is no doubt that Dixon’s prophecy is coming to pass right under our very noses.
Adding to the mayhem is the apparent incompetence of the Chair of the Commission on Elections, Sixto Brillantes, who — as coffee shop jokers would have it — is not necessarily what his surname suggests, although the numerical distinction between “six toes and ten toes” is probably no problem for him, since he has shown little concern for numbers, having divined that the source code was not important to the accurate counting and canvassing of the votes. Ha?!
Are we hearing right?! A Catholic priest says officiating masses and hearing confessions are not necessary… ha?! An RTC judge says he does not need the rules of procedure to properly steer the course of any case being heard in his sala… ha?! Is Brillantes prepared to tell us he does not need a toilet to relieve himself ?!
It turns out he should have thought twice before buying Smartmatic International Corp’s PCOS machines. His dilemma now is that the machines will be used without the source code which Smartmatic cannot deliver to the Comelec. [A US-based company, Dominion Voting Systems, owns the source code, but it refuses to yield it in view of Smartmatic’s alleged refusal to settle a multi-million US dollar obligation.]
Without question, Atty. Sixtoes… er… Sixto Brillantes will be held accountable for the chaos that will erupt after the polls. However, he is too brilliant to stay within the reach of impeachers.
He will simply resign to elude them, collect a proportionate retirement emolument in millions of pesos (P50 million for a full-term service), and according to him, “retire in some quiet part of Eastern Europe where he won’t be dealing with Filipinos”. This is the sort of public servant whom P-Noy sees as so key to this senatorial candidates’ landslide victory that his uninterrupted stay in office has become indispensable.
As of this writing, candidates and their followers have bushwhacked and slain one another with no regard to blood relationship, and this misfortune is expected to intensify as the country heads towards the elections scheduled on May 13. One would think that the culture of electoral violence should have been minimized with the advent of automated elections, but this does not seem to be so.
A more worrisome misfortune is the gripping fear that our voters will not be honestly counted and canvassed as a result of the absence of the source code in the PCOS machines’ automation system.
Foresee losers being up in arms, and anticipate havoc wreaked by Brillantes’ mindless haste in expending billions of pesos of people’s money for the purchase of the PCOS machines. This is how to brace ourselves against an inevitable tempest.
Sadly, ongoing pre-election surveys don’t seem to be of much help either. They continue to provoke questions as to their legitimacy as tools for the public’s enlightenment they’re supposed to provide. Without questioning their effectiveness as scientific instruments, people cannot help being increasingly skeptical.
We don’t know who commission them and, of course, why they do so. We don’t know what questions are asked, and how they’re worded and asked. Surveys are widely viewed as mind-setting tools. Their use implies voters can’t think for themselves. Frankly, I believe we can do without them.
However, it is altogether unfair to heap all the blame on Comelec officials, survey outfits, the contending candidates and their followers, and the perceived infirmities of the automation system. Let us look at ourselves and ask if we are ready to cast our ballots with nothing less than the public good at heart.
To be sure, this question is addressed perhaps best to the C, D and E segments of our society — the teeming masses who are in greater need of law and whose sheer numbers represent the potential mandate on how this country should be managed.
Are they ready not to sell their ballots and not to vote for celebrities? Are they ready to shed off their bandwagon mentality? Don’t they realize they can control their destiny through the power of the ballot?

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