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Ronald Roy — April 2, 2014

It really is no joke having a Chinese Goliath intimidating its way through these parts. With a vastly superior military might that is next only to America’s, and an immense reservoir of cash and other liquid resources, China threatens a control of the West Philippine Sea, an open and free transport lane for over a third of the world’s commercial cargoes, and also asserts a gratuitous claim of ownership of the said ocean’s shoals, reefs and all the marine life, corals, oils, gases and other natural riches thereat located.
For China, “might is right” as it opts to imperiously run roughshod over its small neighbors’ conflicting territorial claims, preferring to deal with them individually and not as a group, and adamantly refusing ventilation of clashing interests before any international body. Magugulang, dinadaan sa laki ! I have always held that Chinese, being generally fair and just people, are opposed to their leaders’ Hitlerian ways, and that they believe in a deity that is fair and just.
The West Philippine Sea, its shoals, reefs and all of nature’s bounty found thereat, are owned by their Creator, and are intended for the use by all His human creatures. If only Beijing’s officials could form a mindset attuned to the spirit of this theological axiom, then we could expect a reasonable degree of smooth sailing for our country’s defense of its territory now pending arbitration before ITLOS (International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea).
Without speculating at this point on how ITLOS will rule on the issues raised in our country’s nearly 4000-page memorandum, already it may be reasonably supposed that its verdict will be fair to, and abided by, all concerned. But here’s the point: China has just announced it would ignore the ITLOS process! If so, its leaders are bigots, fools and slaves, going by William Drummond’s quote that “He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave.”
However, Beijing will surely be unfazed by such toothless rhetoric, especially if taken in light of its savage 1989 massacre of protesting students in Tiananmen Square. Is there any assurance that the ruthlessness of 25 years ago will not rear its ugly today?! Hmmm…America’s military presence here would be a reassuring equalizer, wouldn’t it? Well, America has been dying to actualize it.
Not too long ago, when the U.S. economy sneezed under unfamiliar conditions of joblessness, Americans started to doubt if they had elected the right man to the US presidency. Slipping away too was the eminence that the downfalls of Hosni Mubarak, Moammar al-Gadhafi and Osama bin Laden had brought him. As the bronchial ailment worsened, Barack Obama shifted his attention to the Syrian crisis, but Bashnar al-Assad proved to be a tough nut to crack. His best overseas efforts now being nothing to crow about — it seems Americans easily forget — Obama’s popularity back home has further declined, much to his undeserved discomforts. But he plans to reverse this.
Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin remains a major headache for Obama, even if the United Nations just recently overwhelmingly condemned Russia’s annexation of Crimea. No thanks to Putin, a former tough KGB colonel still enamoured of Stalinism and determined to bring back his country’s glory days of the cold war, Obama is groping for the old form to prove he is not the patsy that his own country’s mainstream and social media have been depicting him to be in comparison to Putin. And to accomplish this, in April Obama will showcase the Philippines as the centerpiece of a flamboyant tour-blitz of Asian countries.
In Manila, the effect of his arrival will be the much awaited Bangsamoro done-deal hoopla — a series of festivities that will hail him as a foreign relations superstar (International Supercop?) and, on equal footing, our very own Pres. Noynoy as a shoe-in for a Nobel Peace Prize! America’s long-planned “pivot to Asia” will thus be dramatically made to happen by both the U.S. and Philippine presidents! Surely, we Filipinos will lap up Obama’s arrival (his very first) as a portent of things to marvel at: a ticker tape parade and 21-gun salute, a rolled-out red carpet, confetti, sparkling champagnes and fireworks galore! Certainly, the whole extravaganza will be scripted to boost the faltering images of the two presidents, and yes, also that of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, should he be around!
The speeches? Well, of course they will be crafted from the finest of minds, the purest of spirits and the noblest of hearts, and the dumbfounded world will joyously explode at the triumph of peace in our troubled land! Their Excellencies will disown personal credit, and instead praise each other for a job well done, and lavishly toast Moros in particular and Filipinos in general, for the wisdom of their patience. HUH?! Pardon me, but is there now a difference between Moros and Filipinos?
Better believe it! Transcending their profoundly cultural and religious distinctions is an unbridgeable chasm which “experts” see as the reason for Mindanao’s inevitable annexation by Malaysia! Hmmm…could this be a design: first, “Goodbye, Sabah”, courtesy of Sen. Ninoy Aquino’s Malaysian contacts forged during his time…then decades later: “Goodbye, Mindanao”, courtesy of the same contacts now allied to his son?!
Soon as the American-sponsored Bangsamoro experiment clears the legal requirements, losing Mindanao (translation: dismemberment of the republic) will be a question of time. Then, through an “access-to-Philippine-bases” agreement, America will install its military facilities in our country for an imperative counterbalance against China! The heck if we have any choice! Will somebody please pinch me awake?! This is a nightmare!!!

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