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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Ronald Roy — Dec. 31, 2013

As a year winds up on the 31st of December, we make traditional promises to effect certain changes to improve our lives for the coming year, if not for a longer term. These promises are geared to enhancing our well-being in family, business or work conditions, not excluding human relations undergoing trial. Nothing wrong with that, even if the new year’s resolution were an egotistical determination to win a beauty crown or a professional basketball MVP title. Except that —
A society suffers if its members are so focused on their individual personal welfare that they forget: that their society could flourish ONLY IF THEY SELFLESSLY HELPED ONE ANOTHER. This is “synergy”, a law as old as time itself. “Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” (International Oxford Dictionary)
Our country is a weak nation principally because it is hampered by a geological anomaly featuring a spread of over 7100 islands occupied by inhabitants who speak over 82 dialects, differ in idiosyncrasy, lifestyle, religion, attire, food and other traits. With tribally clannish propensities, we Filipinos do set ourselves apart from one another.
However, this is only a tendency that can be overcome by our individual and collective efforts in a coalescent enterprise where examples must come from our national and local leaders. But that is where the rub is: Government people cannot get their act together, and this happens only if their leader has never seen a conductor’s baton. The metaphoric result? A national philharmonic orchestra producing sounds that are out-of-tune and out-of-beat (disintonado na, discompasado pa).
Of course, this is not to say that they cannot pull their act together if they choose to conspire to rob us clean. In a “conspiracy”(a legal term meaning connivance or collusion), the act of one is the act of all. In its view of crime, the state’s predisposition ranges from leniency to strictness depending on the nature of the felony and its attendant circumstances. Thus, it is in heinous offenses connived in by government people where the state assumes its harshest stance, very especially in cases involving the plunder or malversation of public funds.
Sad to say, corruption among public officials, along with colluding private individuals, continues to worsen notwithstanding President Noy’s “daang matuwid” and ” walang mahirap kung walang korap” mantras, and the trend I’m afraid is: “IRREVERSIBLE”.
But let me venture to cite some reasons for the increasing participation of private persons, namely: rising poverty, burgeoning criminality, P-Noy’s sub-standard oversight of his sub-standard cabinet, P-Noy’s penchant for prematurely playing 2016 politics, P-Noy’s relish for playing favorites, P-Noy’s over-reliance on image builders, and P-Noy’s vast ignorance in crisis management; overall, B.S. Aquino’s unfitness for the presidency.
Verily, in the exalted Office of the President sits an inferior politician, not a statesman of even an inferior quality. But it is our fault, not P-Noy’s, that a lemon resides in Malacañang. With a faltering government getting worse until a new administration takes over, it is up to us concerned citizens to utilize our sovereign prerogatives in any such way that promotes best our common welfare.
At every turn let us strengthen our ranks by helping one another, hold denunciation rallies whenever necessary, become vigilant whistle-blowing netizens 24/7, and yes, by all means praise government officers and personnel, street cops and street sweepers included, for salutary performance, and proceed to commend them, if not recommend them for promotion.
Let us applaud DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima and her NBI crew for the recent apprehension of former Pagadian City Mayor Samuel Co and his wife, seven months after they went into hiding on learning arrest warrants would be served them for alleged involvement in that infamous Aman Futures investment scam. May they rot in jail.
Let there be no let-up in the public outrage over a Napoles-like Arlene who has reportedly been “buying decisions” for years, the essential concern being not only her no-holds-barred probe but, more importantly, that of the judges and justices themselves, along with their accomplices and accessories, if any. Extirpating corruption in the judiciary is a sine qua non to the promotion of a just society.
Not least of all is our sovereign demand for a swift activist resolution of an alleged collusion by and among DOE (Department of Energy) officials and independent power plant operators, with ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission) Chair Zenaida (what’s in a name) Ducut — a former congresswoman being implicated as a greedy pork-barrel cohort of Janet Lim Napoles — being widely suspected as the mastermind of a three-month kill the people plot with crippling price hikes on energy use and, inescapably, all basic consumption products and services like rice, milk, medicines and doctors’ bills — not to mention the resultant wake and burial expenses!!!
Let us then, by our sovereign power of self-determination, begin to fortify our ramparts against all the felonious obstructors of our peaceful pursuit of happiness. Let us conspire to be our own individual and collective sentinels of democracy — for always, beginning, by His grace, this particular boisterous and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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