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Ronald Roy — May 24, 2024

A prayer is said to be heeded more attentively by God whenever addressed to Him by two or more supplicants. It follows then that the ongoing Oratio Imperata Filipino Catholics daily recite is a most powerful prayer for deliverance from the current scorching heat wave. I hate to be a killjoy but — it’s time we realized that we may not get the rains we’ve been imploring if we don’t first mend our sinful ways. That’s basic Christian theology.
Look around government and behold those so-called “public servants” who have been stealing our money, to name just one instance of their betrayal of the public trust. At the same time, let’s look at the complicity by some of us as apathetic fence-sitters, or as voters beguiled by the candidates’ good looks, popularity, or those moronic considerations other than their qualifications or, worst of all, as electors who sell their votes — and to the highest bidder at that! Let’s admit some of us are as deviant as the politicians.
Then, e.g., let’s take a hard look at the egotistical Pacman. Thanks to our adulation of arguably the greatest pound-for-pound pugilist of all time, Manny has come to believe that he is A-1 showbiz material as an emcee, singer, actor, etc., not to mention preacher and politician. And it now blows me down that Congressman Pacquiao has accepted a contract from a PBA team to be its playing-coach — or is it he who’s offering to pay for the right to coach and play? — and it boggles me nuts that he admits having seen the presidency on the radar of his political future, the most calamitous portent being that he would win!! OMG, give me a break!!
And here we are, praying for good weather while forgetting we should deserve it first by being God’s abiding children! I hate being preachy, but unless we follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd, we will all be sheep lost in a vast and arid desert with nary a raincloud or cactus in sight. Yes, my good friend, Ral (David), this is what we need to do: change our errant ways in our socio-political and personal lives, and think “Good Shepherd” in all our words and deeds. Then, perhaps, the rains will pour and corruption by those in power will stop. It’s about time that we pondered that the decadent signs of the end-of-times are here!

After parking my car in a mall’s basement, I found myself unable to resist joining four drivers engaged in a chat over current events. Herewith are highlights of my discussion with drivers 1, 2, 3, and 4, most of which have been translated from the vernacular.
1- What?? The World Economic Forum for East Asia hosted by President Noynoy showcases today the Philippines as an “economic miracle”?! 2- Hahaha…whom will they canonize, him? 1- No kidding! According to my boss, that is a project conceived by Sec. Purissima to boost the latter’s image before VP Binay, whom he had invited to deliver the opening remarks! 3- Yeah, Binay is the next president daw, so it’s time to make sip-sip. 4- What miracle ?! More people are going hungry, so if there’s a miracle, it must be that P-Noy and cohorts haven’t been overthrown yet! What do you say, sir? Me- We must be patient (I said, at the risk of being seen as naive, a “stick in the mud”, or unconcerned) and we must conform to peaceful and legal remedies. 4- Well, that’s true, sir, nobody likes bloody coups or armed uprisings, but who can prevent a determined sniper? Isang bala lang is all that’s needed! [A pregnant pause ensues.]
After some moments, 1- It’s not just an empty stomach, sir, that endangers P-Noy’s life. He is not a president for all Filipinos because he shows excessive partiality for his allies and overwhelming bias against people he dislikes. He’s disgusting! 3- He does not compare well with other Asian leaders who quickly own up to failures of responsibility. In Japan, for instance, the leader commits hara-kiri; in South Korea, suicide or resignation; but here, not one of over 120 lower house solons and 25 senators involved in those shady pork barrel deals will admit guilt, or even take a leave of absence. But the ultimate horror is: DBM Sec. Abad is kapit tuko to his post, and of course P-Noy will not fire him because it was he who ordered Abad to operationalize the PDAF process and invent the DAP in a grand plan to raise the wherewithal P-Noy would need to control the legislature. P-Noy is the guiltiest! [ 3’s cellphone rings.]
3- Yes, sir, I will fetch you now. [3 bids us goodbye, enters an SUV bearing a #7 plate, and drives off in the dusk.]


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