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Ronald Roy — Dec. 12, 2013

Distrust is quite a bane of life — the suspicion that your spouse or best friend has betrayed you, that a motorcyclist riding in tandem with a companion is up to no good as you’re crossing a street, that the check your buyer has drawn will bounce, that cops flagging you down on a city street in broad daylight are hijackers or muggers, or that you voted for solons only to have them steal your money and dreams.
Should we migrate? A number have done that amid our country’s deteriorating state of eco-socio-political blight. I choose to remain, along with countless hardy fellow citizens, to help restore sense in our only land by banding together to secure it against external aggression, against common criminals, communist rebels and Muslim secessionists, and against the onslaught of corrupt government people and their cohorts from the public and private sectors.
If you, dear Reader, are a housewife doing some Christmas shopping with your bag firmly pressed against your chest, and you hear footsteps stopping whenever you stop, and are worried your house may have been broken into by robbers who have hogtied your daughter and two maids, you are a certified paranoid in the land declared “free” over twenty five years ago by Corazon C. Aquino. OMG, isn’t there anyone we can trust anymore?!

China and US: “Let us trust each other.”
Sounds great, and here’s hoping the mutual spirit holds. The escalating tensions between today’s two strongest economies in the world, along with their respective Asian allies locked in territorial disputes, are so volatile that a flareup of armed hostilities, triggered by a distrust-based event, may be what the clairvoyant John the Baptist saw over 2000 years ago: an urgency to “repent because the end (was) near.”
Personally, I believe that the “end of times” is within our lifetime, the baptizer’s miscalculation notwithstanding. Come to think of it, it was not necessarily a miscalculation if, as mystics divine, man’s one year is equal to God’s one second.
I therefore refuse to ponder when the world goes poof. Besides, the Bible assures that “even the Son will not know the hour.” It comforts me to try to be spiritually ready at all times, and to pattern my acts and thoughts in accord with His will that His children reach out to one another to give peace a chance, like what has just been shown between China and America.
As if on cue, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Ma Keqing and US Vice President Joe Biden gave separate statements underscoring the imperative for “mutual trust and understanding” between their two countries and among their respective allies in the Asian region. With tactfully crafted words, Ma seemed to wax congenial as she delved in centuries-old cultural relations between the Chinese and Filipino peoples, while our President’s reaction, as articulated by DFA officials, was one of concern that the Chinese air defense zone covering East China Sea would also be set up in West Philippine Sea, as if it were not designed to control naval and commercial navigation and all its the natural resources.
On his end while in Beijing, Biden praised Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “candid and constructive person, two qualities that are needed in a relationship of trust.” Biden further said, “The world is not tranquil xxx Candor generates trust. Trust is the basis on which real change, constructive change, is made.” Biden’s words pacify, reassure and inspire. May they ring in the hearts of all persons of ill will.

Mar Roxas, our next president?!
Will somebody please pinch me awake?! This is a nightmare!! Is DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, hubby of ABS-CBN’s Radio-TV anchor Corina Sanchez — she who once called VP Jojo Binay, UNA’s 2016 candidate for president, “maitim na maligno”, or black evil spirit, and just last month insulted CNN’s internationally respected Anderson Cooper, who had flown in not only to cover “Yolanda’s” holocaust, but also to be a good Samaritan to the victims — our next president?!
Mr. Roxas, will you and your wife be our country’s First Couple?! The idea is an outrage because you are a disgrace to both your country and family. I was 11 in 1946 when, through my father, I met your tall and stately namesake and grandfather, who smilingly greeted me with a gentle tap on my shoulder.
Then at 17, I met your dad, Gerry, whom I once amused with trick shots on the “White House’s” pool table with his father-in-law, Don Amado Araneta, watching. Your mother Judy, your uncle Nene, my sister Vilma and I go back to grade-school days. In fact, Judy stood as a principal sponsor at the wedding of my son Judd. Your closest kin like Tony Gat, Marlyn, Pancho and Bernadette are like family to me — and I love them all.
Sorry, but I have yet to see the much-ballyhooed presidential timber in you! You see, I happen to believe the “side” of Tacloban City UNA Mayor Alfredo Romualdez in the distasteful controversy that exposes you as a tradpol of the lowest form.
Decency requires you to do two things, namely,1) APOLOGIZE to all Filipinos, Taclobanons in particular, for your gross incompetence and harmful bias — Romualdez is a relation of Imelda Marcos, ergo, the Aquino government refused to help him assist his ravaged city and constituents — that led to chaotic looting conditions after the city’s Chief of Police was sacked for being perceived as a “Romualdez man”, to the city’s receiving help at a pace slowest among all the stricken areas, and ultimately to the otherwise unnecessary rise of the mortality rate among the afflicted Taclobanons; and 2) RESIGN pronto ! Your consenting boss should likewise RESIGN !

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